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In data processing, using an office metaphor, a file is a related collection of records.Read More

Gamma International: The Macedonia files

24 Nov 2017

This PDF contains source documents showing how the UK approved export licences to Gamma International UK to supply sophisticated mobile phone surveillance equipment, known as IMSI catchers, to the Republic of ... Read More

OneDrive File Attributes Uncovered

By Ed Tittel 22 Jan 2018

A careful look at help information leads to new OneDrive File attributes uncovered, and a better understanding of how OnDemand files work. Read More

Hybrid cloud file and object pushes the frontiers of storage

By Chris Evans 13 Mar 2018

A single environment across on-premise and cloud environments is possible with a new class of product that builds file systems and object stores with hybrid cloud Read More

Caringo FileFly Secondary Storage Platform

By Rodney Brown 11 Feb 2018

FileFly Secondary Storage Platform from Caringo works with Windows Server and NetApp OnTap, adding intelligent data transfer to scale-out secondary storage while reducing cost. Read More

Copy files from the host to a Hyper-V machine

By Nirmal Sharma 18 Jan 2018

There are many ways to copy files from the host to a Hyper-V machine, including Enhanced Session Mode and the Copy-VMFile PowerShell cmdlet. Follow these steps for each method. Read More

Heathrow to probe leak of security files

By Warwick Ashford 30 Oct 2017

Heathrow is investigating how and why files containing security information were stored without any protection on a USB stick found by a member of the public Read More

Qumulo file access hybrid cloud QF2 file system launches in Europe

By Antony Adshead 29 Jan 2018

QF2 brings Posix/Windows-compatible scale-out NAS file storage to hybrid cloud with access via on-premise hardware appliance or Amazon compute and storage in the cloud Read More

How does Microsoft Near Share for browser file sharing work?

By Ed Tittel 16 Mar 2018

Microsoft Edge, Windows 10's default browser, includes a file-sharing tool called Near Share, which is helpful, if not truly groundbreaking. Read More

File locking and workload limitations in Cloudian hybrid cloud storage

By Antony Adshead 15 Mar 2018

Hybrid cloud has had a boost recently with the emergence of file/object environments that allow customers to operate a single namespace between on-premise and public cloud locations. One of the ... Read More

How traditional file-sharing services have evolved

By Geoffrey Bock 18 Dec 2017

With a focus on improving digital experiences for its users, Box has added two new modern collaboration tools, Skills and Graph, to its roster to help shake up file sharing. Read More