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Citrix finds optimism flooding through the channel

By Simon Quicke 27 Feb 2018

Resellers expect this to be a year of growth with Citrix working with Canalys to get a picture of what those operating in Northern Europe expect the rest of 2018 to hold Read More

Finding the killer IoT app: Why worry?

By Francisco Maroto 05 Mar 2018

Companies are anxiously looking for the killer IoT app. But, according to OIES Consulting's Francisco Maroto, the true killer IoT app doesn't exist. Read More

Ricoh finds digital transformation a growing SME concern

By Simon Quicke 14 Feb 2018

Seeking out technology that can increase business agility is not an ambition that is confined just to the enterprise end of the market Read More

Finding the root cause of ERP implementation failures

By Patrick Thibodeau 07 Feb 2018

The root cause of ERP implementation failures may be delays in decision-making. Delays add up, which wastes time and imposes extra costs on a deployment. Read More

Find your perfect partners in 2018

07 Nov 2017

The right partners could be right under your nose says Karen Oosthuizen from Aberdeen Group. But how can you find them and ensure they achieve their potential? Read More

The art of finding (and fixing) cloud faults

By Caroline Donnelly 15 Jan 2018

In this guest post, Ron Vermeulen, go-to-market manager for north-west Europe at IT services provider, Comparex, runs through the process of finding and fixing cloud faults There is no doubt that ... Read More

Use an authenticated vulnerability scan to find system flaws

By Kevin Beaver 15 Jan 2018

If unsafe computer systems scare the living daylights out of you, tune into this webinar on how to do authenticated vulnerability scans to avoid system damage. Read More

Majority of organisations unaware of costs and responsibilities for cloud outages, research finds

By Zach Emmanuel 16 Mar 2018

Most companies are unaware about the costs associated with a cloud outage and who is responsible for getting systems back online Read More

CLI vs. GUI: Find the right admin tool for various scenarios

By Richard Siddaway 09 Mar 2018

Standard Windows and Linux command-line utilities oftentimes have niche, yet important functionality not available in GUI tools that require IT workers to make custom workflows. Read More

IT shops find their reasons to upgrade to Windows Server 2016

By Ed Scannell 08 Mar 2018

Selected technical features and technical support twilight inspires more Windows Server 2008 and 2012 IT shops to upgrade to Windows Server 2016. Read More