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A firewall is a network security system, either hardware- or software-based, that uses rules to control ...Read More

The five different types of firewalls

29 Dec 2017

Learn about the similarities and differences between five basic types of firewalls, including packet filtering firewalls, application-level gateways and next-gen firewalls. Read More

How should enterprise firewall settings be reviewed?

By Judith Myerson 11 Jan 2018

Getting firewall settings right is one of the most basic ways to protect enterprise data from accidental exposures. Expert Judith Myerson discusses how to review firewall policies. Read More

NFV disaggregates firewall appliance to increase scalability

By Russ White 15 Jan 2018

A traditional firewall appliance can incorporate many services, but NFV can virtualize firewalls to offer individual services that scale for application requirements. Read More

To prevent a firewall breach, adapt to the new environment

By John Burke 15 Jan 2018

Data center operations have changed, making firewalls potentially weaker and breaches more likely. Next-gen firewalls, though, are better adapted to today’s DC environment. Read More

Next-gen firewalls: The new legacy firewall?

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 11 May 2017

This week, bloggers look into next-gen firewalls as a legacy firewall technology and weigh in on Zentera's cloud management efforts and Cisco's debugging of the NX-OS. Read More

Opportunity knocks: Answer the door to managed next generation firewalls

20 Dec 2017

SMEs are looking for data protection and Jason Howells, Director of EMEA at Barracuda MSP, argues the channel needs to include it in their security pitches Read More

How can Intel AMT be used to bypass the Windows firewall?

By Michael Cobb 30 Nov 2017

Software developed by the hacking group Platinum takes advantage of Intel AMT to bypass the built-in Windows firewall. Expert Michael Cobb explains how it works. Read More

Inbound vs. outbound firewall rules: Comparing the differences

By Kevin Beaver 01 Aug 2017

Enterprise network security expert Kevin Beaver compares and contrasts the roles of an inbound firewall and an outbound firewall. Find out what the differences are. Read More

Are third-party firewalls worth the investment?

By Brien Posey 22 Jun 2017

It might be effective, but Windows Firewall is not the be-all and end-all of security. In some cases, third-party firewalls add the extra layer of protection IT needs. Read More

Use a web app firewall to halt app attacks

By Peter Loshin 20 Jun 2017

As the demands on web application firewalls grow, the available WAF features are also expanding. What do you need to know to evaluate the tools vendors offer? Read More