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Where does Citrix Analytics fit, and where does it not fit?

By Jo Harder 21 Feb 2018

Citrix Analytics service is on its way, but will its visibility be broad enough? Read More

Privacy lessons from the fitness fiasco

By Bryan Betts 01 Feb 2018

Most of us already recognise that technology has the potential to wipe out our privacy, if checks and balances are not in place – or at least I hope we do! What’s scary then in the recent hoo-hah ... Read More

Where does security fit into SDLC phases?

By (ISC) 2 19 Feb 2018

In each phase of the software development life cycle, there is an opportunity for infosec pros to add value. Learn more in this video with expert Adam Gordon. Read More

How to fit companion apps into the desktop workflow

By Robert Sheldon 17 Nov 2017

Organizations looking for increased work access should look at companion apps, which can integrate mobile flexibility with established desktop infrastructures. Read More

Evaluate ChatOps tools and bots for the right fit

By Kurt Marko 02 Jan 2018

ChatOps is still a niche in IT operations and DevOps shops, but organizations that have set it up love it. That means you should join the fun and give it a try. Here's what you need to know about ChatOps tools. Read More

ODI begins fitness-focused startup accelerator to get the UK moving

By Zach Emmanuel 15 Feb 2018

The Open Data Institute is calling for startups to join its accelerator programme, as it aims to get more people to be active in the UK Read More

Examples of BPM use cases where iBPM fits in

By Tom Nolle 30 Nov 2017

Does iBPM stand to deliver real value in the workplace? Expert Tom Nolle examines three key use cases that illustrate how iBPM can deliver value to businesses. Read More

How does composable infrastructure fit in the data center?

By Robert Sheldon 17 Nov 2017

A programmable infrastructure offers data center admins even greater flexibility, lower costs and faster modification than converged and hyper-converged infrastructures. Read More

How do huddle rooms fit in video conferencing strategies?

By Jon Arnold 25 Oct 2017

Huddle room video conferencing is more than setting up a webcam and speakerphone in a small room. Learn why huddle rooms should be part of your collaboration strategy. Read More

University of Manchester launches city fitness application

By Alex Scroxton 24 Oct 2017

University’s health research centre is using gamification to get people active as part of the Manchester CityVerve smart city demonstrator Read More