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Five ways to accelerate predictive maintenance

By Erick Dean 02 Apr 2018

Splunk's Erick Dean offers five key technology trends Industry 4.0 is talking about today that are making manufacturers rethink planned versus unplanned maintenance. Read More

The five different types of firewalls

29 Dec 2017

Learn about the similarities and differences between five basic types of firewalls, including packet filtering firewalls, application-level gateways and next-gen firewalls. Read More

Five days after Atlanta ransomware attack, recovery begins

By Michael Heller 27 Mar 2018

After battling the fallout from an Atlanta ransomware attack for five days, Mayor Keisha Bottoms said City Hall has finally begun to recover and turn systems back on. Read More

Five tips for testing with mobile app developer tools

By Justin Rohrman 20 Mar 2018

Mobile app developer tools can alleviate the confusion of mobile test projects. Here are five strategies to consider if you're in the midst of testing complications. Read More

Secure DevOps: Inside the five lifecycle phases

20 Mar 2018

Secure DevOps and cloud computing are altering the design, build, deployment and operation of online systems. Learn more from Eric Johnson and Frank Kim of the SANS Institute. Read More

Five pitfalls of implementing an AI initiative in healthcare

By Reda Chouffani 16 Mar 2018

As more hospitals turn to artificial intelligence to improve patient care and daily operations, missteps like overlooking security and compliance can cause an AI project to fail. Read More

CES 2018: The five words I heard most frequently

By Stuart Sikes 15 Mar 2018

People Power's Stuart Sikes offers the five words he heard most frequently at CES 2018, from AI to robots, which created conversations among conference attendees. Read More

Five things in tech to watch out for in 2018

By Bryan Glick 04 Jan 2018

Complete this sentence to win a prize for your technology insight: “2018 will be the year of…” Rather like the missing word round in Have I Got News For You, the answers will range from the obvious ... Read More

Five cybersecurity best practices for healthcare organizations

By Reda Chouffani 08 Mar 2018

Hospital CIOs who want to ensure that their environments are protected should be sure to implement multifactor authentication and AI-based monitoring to prevent data breaches. Read More

Five debunked myths about SSD issues

By Jim O'Reilly 29 Dec 2017

Solid-state drives are mature now, and the technology has eclipsed hard disk drives with superior performance, manageability and pricing for enterprise storage. Read More