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Forensic, in a general sense, means "related to or used in courts of law" or "used for formal public ...Read More

Information security certification guide: Forensics

By Ed Tittel 30 Jan 2018

This information security certificate guide looks at vendor-neutral computer forensics certifications for IT professionals interested in cyber attribution and investigations. Read More

Use software forensics to uncover the identity of attackers

By (ISC) 2 19 Feb 2018

By analyzing the proverbial fingerprints of malicious software -- its program code -- infosec pros can gain meaningful insights into an attacker's intent and identity. Read More

Why UK police are learning cyber forensics

By Alex Bennett 13 Nov 2017

The need for the UK police force to conduct forensic investigations on computers is nothing new, but a rapid escalation of cyber crime has demanded a different approach Read More

Kaspersky researcher in Asia develops cyber forensics tool

By Aaron Tan 06 Jul 2017

The open source tool lets cyber forensics investigators access infected machines remotely to collect malware artefacts without compromising system integrity Read More

Forensic financial analysis software used to combat fraud

By Brian McKenna 19 Jun 2017

This is a guest blogpost by Ian Watson, CEO of Altia-ABM. It reflects his experience and judgement. Specialist financial analysis software is now a crucial tool in the investigation and prosecution ... Read More

Forensic investigation into Post Office IT system at centre of legal case nears completion

By Karl Flinders 25 Jan 2018

The investigation into the fairness of court cases brought against sub-postmasters is close to finishing its forensic examination of the IT system at the heart of the controversy Read More

Forensic security vendor Guidance Software latest OpenText acquisition

By Jesse Scardina 28 Jul 2017

OpenText continues its buying spree with the acquisition of Guidance Software. The vendor has spent more than $2 billion since the start of 2016 on acquisitions. Read More

Met Police signs £8m digital forensics deal

By Lis Evenstad 11 Jul 2017

MASS wins seven-year contract to supply a digital forensics managed service to London’s Metropolitan Police Service Read More

Google Earth Forensics: Using Google Earth Geo-Location in Digital Forensic Investigations

29 Nov 2016

In this excerpt from chapter five of Google Earth Forensics, authors Michael Harrington and Michael Cross discuss the process of digital forensics. Read More

Cloud incident response and forensics: What enterprises need to know

By Matthew Pascucci 01 Aug 2016

Performing cloud incident response and forensics requires a different approach. Expert Matt Pascucci outlines the steps enterprises should take with cloud service providers. Read More