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Network subscription packages gain steam among enterprises

By Lee Doyle 09 Mar 2018

Networking suppliers are increasingly offering network subscription packages, as enterprises have become more familiar with paying for services with monthly subscriptions. Read More

OpenStack gains early foothold in Australia

By Beverley Head 26 Feb 2018

Although the open source technology has its cheerleaders, OpenStack has yet to crack Australia’s mainstream and challenge the market share of proprietary cloud suppliers Read More

Slow to gain traction, AI apps on the verge of explosion

15 Feb 2018

From chatbots ("Can I help you?") to killer bots ("I'll be back."), artificial intelligence runs the gamut of applications and emotions like no other technology. It's been nearly 70 years since AI first came into ... Read More

How data is gaining value

By Gordon Haff 27 Jul 2017

When data can be effectively used to guide actions and gain useful insights, it's an increasingly large part of a technology company's value. Read More

Open source gaining momentum in Singapore

By Aaron Tan 06 Oct 2017

If you live in Singapore and have started using the newly-minted parking.sg app developed by the government to pay for street parking at public car parks, you may have noticed something in fine ... Read More

Cloudian HyperStore gains on-demand pricing, new funding

By Garry Kranz 05 Mar 2018

IT Investment firm Digital Alpha ponies up $125 million to Cloudian. Most of the new money will fund expanded inventory to support consumption pricing of local HyperStore arrays. Read More

5G architecture plus NFV, SDN offers performance gains

By Jennifer English 28 Feb 2018

The intersection of 5G architecture and virtualization technologies like NFV and SDN could result in better network performance, but it will take time to get there. Read More

Expert: Boring retail is dying as tech gains importance

By Jesse Scardina 27 Feb 2018

Technologies such as augmented reality and AI in retail are becoming more important for brands looking to gain a selling edge. Tune in to the latest Pipeline podcast to learn more. Read More

In the cloud, tools for data integration gain importance

By Jesse Scardina 08 Dec 2017

Integration software has become a necessary tool for companies that use cloud-based software. Read More

Premier BPO gains cloud infrastructure in DinCloud buyout

By Paul Korzeniowski 20 Feb 2018

Premier BPO has purchased DinCloud, a cloud services provider, in a move that acknowledges the increasing importance of scale in the highly competitive IT service market. Read More