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Routes to AI goodness

By Dale Vile 07 Feb 2018

It’s all too easy to conflate the kind of AI being hyped in the industry at the moment with the science fiction notion of machine sentience. We are still a long way from the latter, though, whether ... Read More

BSA: The UK is a good place to move to the cloud

By Simon Quicke 06 Mar 2018

Those customers concerned that a move to the cloud might be the wrong thing can take comfort in research that indicates the UK is one of the most robust places in the world to take the plunge Read More

What's a good example of patient engagement technology?

By Brien Posey 28 Dec 2017

Learn how healthcare providers use portals to increase patient engagement, as explained by current IT writer and former healthcare CIO Brien Posey. Read More

Softcat continues to deliver the goods

By Simon Quicke 18 Oct 2017

Investors who put their faith in Softcat continue to see that decision repaid as the firm updated the market on the full fiscal year numbers Read More

Lauri Love plans to use ‘internet as a force for good’

05 Feb 2018

Engineering student Lauri Love says he plans to help businesses fight cyber crime, after the court of appeal ruled that he can be tried in the UK for allegedly hacking US computer systems, rather than face ... Read More

How to pass the CISSP exam: Ways to get a good score

By Jessica Scarpati 22 Jan 2018

Want to become a CISSP? Here's everything you need to know, such as how difficult the exam is, tips for studying, what's needed to obtain a passing score and more. Read More

The 3 Gs of a good presentation

By Brian Holak 11 Aug 2017

In this SearchCIO video, Charles Hooper, author of 59 Minutes to Great Storytelling, gives advice for giving a great presentation, including his "three Gs." Read More

Oracle sees Autonomous Database changing DBA roles for the good

By Lindsay Moore 28 Feb 2018

The job duties of database administrators will likely change in organizations that use Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, but in ways that are beneficial, according to Oracle. Read More

AI must develop for the greater good and cut government admin

By Cliff Saran 28 Feb 2018

A group of experts explored the issues of UK policy and funding in artificial intelligence at a recent seminar in London. We report on the discussion Read More

"Good morning, how may I assist you?"

By Zach Emmanuel 11 Dec 2017

Robots should be ideal at home or in the workplace, right? These fully co-operative, obedient and reliable machines should make all our lives easier, right? They can’t think for themselves, they ... Read More