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Bid $SysReset Goodbye in Win10

By Ed Tittel 24 May 2017

Unlike other hidden system folders, it's easy to bid $SysReset goodbye in Windows 10. A simple right-click delete does the trick. Read More

Cisco DNA means goodbye to CLI?

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 28 Jul 2016

This week, bloggers look at Cisco's shift from CLI, Savvius' packet capture appliance and cybersecurity as a vertical industry. Read More

Say Goodbye to Windows 8.0?

By Ed Tittel 11 Jan 2016

Thanks to some fine print in its Windows 8.1 support lifecycle policy, Windows 8.0 users lose maintstream support from Microsoft starting on January 12, 2016. Read More

Goodbye "paperless", hello "clueless"

By Rob Bamforth 01 Apr 2015

Scott Adams' Dilbert cartoons are often too close to workplace reality for comfort. A favourite strip from his book "I'm not anti-business, I'm anti-idiot" (another sentiment many would readily ... Read More

Goodbye Clip Art, goodbye memories of my youth

By Caroline Baldwin 05 Dec 2014

First it was MSN Messenger, now it's Clip Art. Clearly the powers-that-be at Microsoft have no soul. And no memory of what it was like to be a teenager in the noughties. If they did, they wouldn't ... Read More

Banks are pushing everyone to digital channels through branch network death by a thousand cuts

By Karl Flinders 12 Dec 2017

High streets in London saying goodbye to bank branches as one tipping point reached Read More

Goodbye old HP, hello new HPs - but for how long?

By Bryan Glick 30 Oct 2015

On Monday 2nd November, HP as we know it ceases to exist. The IT supplier that once was too big to fail, becomes two companies that, if recent history is anything to go by, will be individually ... Read More

Changes for digital government in Theresa May's reshuffle

By Lis Evenstad 09 Jan 2018

Matt Hancock takes over as DCMS secretary of state, while Caroline Nokes says goodbye to her role as the minister responsible for digital at Cabinet Office Read More

Goodbye SearchConsumerization, hello SearchMobileComputing

By Colin Steele 13 Jul 2015

Back in 2011, BYOD and the consumerization of IT were among the hottest trends in the tech industry. Employees used their own smartphones and tablets for work and set up personal cloud storage ... Read More

Say goodbye to the old-SQL curriculum

By Sean McGrath 01 Sep 2014

Say goodbye to legacy IT classes: New curriculum touches down, teaching youngsters how to code. Is this a dream come true for the IT sector? Read More