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Windows 8 GPO settings to configure search, indexing options

By Nirmal Sharma 23 Sep 2015

Windows 8 and 8.1 GPOs can help with many tasks, including creating Start screen layouts that adhere to corporate policies, as well as configuring search and indexing settings. Read More

Control app updates with Windows 8 and 8.1 GPO settings

By Nirmal Sharma 23 Sep 2015

Some Windows 8 and 8.1 GPO settings that you might not know about can make dealing with automatic updates from Windows Store applications a lot easier. Read More

For missing GPO settings, check the Winlogon component

02 Jun 2014

If a Windows system isn't applying certain Group Policy settings, you may need to check Winlogon and common client-side extensions. Read More

Use a GPO to defend against Trojan downloads

07 Nov 2006

Windows security threats expert Kevin Beaver explains how you can use software restrictions with Group Policy Objects to defend against Trojan downloads. Read More

GPO replication: Understanding the ins and outs

01 Aug 2006

Replication services for Group Policy Objects are key to the stability of a GPO. Expert Derek Melber breaks down the process for GPO replication, and explains how to ensure a more stable environment. Read More

How to use a GPO to improve Windows folder security

24 Apr 2008

Ever notice how difficult it is to set user permissions and rights exactly the way you want them in Windows folders? In this thread from our IT Knowledge Exchange, learn how you could accomplish this task -- or ... Read More

Is a GPO blocking my VPN security scan?

12 Feb 2008

Learn how you can circumvent problems with your VPN security scans with this expert advice. Read More

Utility refreshes GPO on a remote computer

By Serdar Yegulalp 26 Sep 2005

A command-line tool called RGPrefresh lets an administrator force a group policy refresh on a remote computer without having to log the computer off and on again. Read More