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How should enterprises deploy group collaboration software?

By Jon Arnold 09 Feb 2018

Multiple communication platforms will make collaboration management difficult for IT. Overall efficiency will be reduced with too many different apps in one enterprise. Read More

DMA Group working to reduce fear around GDPR

By Warwick Ashford 08 Feb 2018

The DMA Group is focused on the GDPR for customer communications and marketing, but says the key aim is to reduce fear in the market Read More

Intel to set up new group to focus on hardware security

By Warwick Ashford 09 Jan 2018

Chip maker is reportedly planning to form a new group to focus on hardware security as it scrambles to limit the impact of recently discovered security flaws in chip designs Read More

North Korea's Lazarus Group sets sights on cryptocurrency

By Rob Wright 27 Dec 2017

Researchers believe North Korean nation-state hackers from the Lazarus Group are targeting cryptocurrency exchanges and owners in a wave of financially motivated attacks. Read More

How a technology advisory group can benefit organizations

By Kevin McDonald 28 Nov 2017

A technology advisory group can have an irreplaceable impact on an organization. Kevin McDonald explains how volunteer advisors can aid law enforcement and other organizations. Read More

Tricks to create Office 365 Groups from distribution groups

By Neil Hobson 08 May 2017

Many businesses switch from distribution groups to Office 365 Groups to benefit from its advanced features. Converting from one service to another, however, is a tricky process. Read More

Kaspersky sheds more light on Equation Group malware detection

By Rob Wright 16 Nov 2017

A lengthy Kaspersky report offers more insight into how the antivirus company discovered Equation Group malware and came to possess classified U.S. government data. Read More

IBC Group emerges to give fresh voice in print management space

By Simon Quicke 29 Jan 2018

Founded by a print industry veteran the focus for the IBC Group will be on helping customers increase automation and remain compliant Read More

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank Group uses ServiceNow to support transformation

By Cliff Saran 24 Jan 2018

IT service management adapts to faster and faster time-to-market pressure with a new framework that aims to deliver continuous service improvement Read More

Bulk manage a Hyper-V server group with PowerShell

By Brien Posey 23 Jan 2018

With only a few steps, you can use SCVMM to bring a Hyper-V server under management. This is limited, however, so use the SCVMM Command Shell to bulk manage Hyper-V servers. Read More