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The ultimate guide to VDI planning

17 Jan 2018

There is no standard VDI deployment. Each one takes on a life of its own depending on key decisions, including the remote display protocol and the underlying infrastructure. Read More

Jargon Buster Guide to Artificial Intelligence

21 Feb 2018

Where once stood Big Data and Data Science, now stands Artificial Intelligence and its younger sibling, Machine Learning. AI is red hot. And stuffed with jargon. This e-guide will take a step back and throw the ... Read More

Essential Guide to Software Defined Networks

13 Feb 2018

Software defined networking (SDN) allows network engineers to support a switching fabric across multi-vendor hardware and application-specific integrated circuits. A network administrator can shape traffic from a ... Read More

Information security certification guide: Forensics

By Ed Tittel 30 Jan 2018

This information security certificate guide looks at vendor-neutral computer forensics certifications for IT professionals interested in cyber attribution and investigations. Read More

Essential Guide: Dealing with a data breach

05 Jan 2018

This guide examines examples of companies that have been hit by data breaches and how they have responded, as well as expert advice on how to respond to a data breach or cyber security incident. Read More

A comprehensive beginner's guide to DevOps for testers

By Matt Heusser 22 Feb 2018

Newcomers to DevOps have a steep learning curve and nowhere more so than in test. Expert Matthew Heusser has a beginner's guide to DevOps and testing. Read More

A comprehensive beginner's guide to DevOps for developers

By Cameron McKenzie 20 Feb 2018

Starting DevOps in your organization and not sure where to begin? Cameron McKenzie explains everything a developer needs to know to successfully begin the DevOps process. Read More

Guide to using advanced analytics and AI in business applications

15 Feb 2018

AI hype is becoming reality as the technology gains ground in businesses. Get tips on machine learning, cognitive computing and other advanced analytics initiatives in this guide. Read More

Information security certification guide: Specialized certifications

By Ed Tittel 06 Feb 2018

This information security certification guide looks at vendor-neutral certifications in specialized areas such as risk management, security auditing and secure programming. Read More

RM principles should guide compliance management system development

01 Feb 2018

Regulatory agencies offer broad guidance for compliance management system development, but companies may be best served by referring to widely accepted risk management principles. Read More