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In information technology, hardware is the physical aspect of computers, telecommunications, and other ...Read More

Pin down these hardware service contract details

By Brien Posey 06 Apr 2018

A server warranty won't do much good when every second of downtime counts. Here's how to hammer out a support agreement that addresses the particular needs of your company. Read More

How to choose the best hardware for virtualization

24 Jan 2018

Selecting the best hardware for virtualization is the foundation of maintaining or designing a robust, reliable and scalable data center. Read More

Storage class memory set to upset hardware architectures

By Chris Evans 20 Apr 2018

Storage class memory and persistent memory products are set to add a layer of superfast storage media between bulk drives and memory, pushing performance to five million IOPS Read More

Marcus Ranum decodes hardware vulnerabilities with Joe Grand

By Marcus J. Ranum 03 Apr 2018

Computer hardware designs with dangerous security flaws? That's no surprise to renowned hardware hacker Grand. Read More

ISACA: Build security into artificial intelligence hardware

By Nicole Laskowski 15 Mar 2018

A new paper on how to fight off malicious AI recommends adding security features to AI chips. ISACA's Rob Clyde explains why that's a good idea. Read More

Garrison’s unique hardware-based remote browsing brings some interesting advantages

By Rachel Berry 17 Apr 2018

This remote browser is meant to keep the nasties of the internet out of your environment. Read More

Windows 10 hardware requirements take security head on

01 Feb 2018

IT pros should follow Microsoft's guidelines for optimal Windows 10 security, but they should also take a look at what those guidelines signal moving forward. Read More

Backup hardware devices: 2017 Products of the Year finalists

By Sonia Lelii 15 Jan 2018

Backup and disaster recovery hardware products that made the initial cut extend into the cloud and have more support for software-defined storage, data analytics and even tape. Read More