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Cognitive computing in healthcare mends doctor-patient gaps

By Scott Robinson 15 Feb 2018

Cognitive computing and healthcare data aggregation may prove to be important bedside companions to doctors treating their patients in the era of medical specialization. Read More

Cognitive computing in healthcare: MD Anderson puts IBM Watson on hold

By Kristen Lee 20 Feb 2017

News recently broke that MD Anderson put its project with IBM Watson on hold. Some interpreted this to be a setback for AI and cognitive computing in healthcare. Others disagree. Read More

IBM’s Watson supercomputer brought to Finnish healthcare

By Eeva Haaramo 16 Nov 2016

Authorities in Finland are working with IBM to improve healthcare through cognitive computing Read More

Potential for AI tools in healthcare lies in the long game

By Makenzie Holland 18 Jun 2019

AI in healthcare has the potential to help relieve physicians of mundane tasks, and the potential for greater cognitive capabilities down the road. Read More

Future Decoded: AI-powered data revolutionises software development

By Cliff Saran 02 Oct 2019

Microsoft believes artificial intelligence will drive an entirely new way to develop software that can take advantage of massive data growth Read More

Digital transformation technologies power CX makeovers

By Sarah Amsler 30 May 2019

Businesses use many tools to effect digital transformation. Learn how organizations use these tools to improve CX and digital experience, while getting a leg up on the competition. Read More

Cambridge Cognition CTO on applying server monitoring principles to suicide prevention

By Caroline Donnelly 16 Jul 2019

Cambridge Cognition CTO, Ricky Dolphin, discusses why it pays to think outside the box when trying to find technological answers to business and customer problems Read More

IBM builds healthcare analytics cloud for Apple Watch

By Cliff Saran 14 Apr 2015

IBM has created a business unit to develop Watson cognitive computing to support healthcare apps written for the Apple Watch Read More

Future Decoded: How AI plus automation adds up to transformative change

By Cliff Saran 01 Oct 2019

Robotic process automation combined with artificial intelligence is a recipe for digital transformation, and new research suggests businesses that use AI are gaining a competitive advantage Read More

Automation Anywhere's Microsoft pact indicative of hot RPA market

By David Needle 09 Jul 2019

RPA vendor Automation Anywhere said it's poised to take full advantage of the burgeoning RPA market. Its recent deal with Microsoft is just one indication of RPA's popularity. Read More