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How can Chaos Monkey testing help with microservices?

By Twain Taylor 21 Feb 2018

Resilience testing isn't just for infrastructure. Architects can adopt this disaster recovery testing strategy to build more reliable microservice applications. Read More

When should IT consider an outsourced help desk?

By Brien Posey 12 Dec 2017

Help desk services can be a drain on IT. Organizations that need new options can partially or completely outsource help desk services to make life easier. Read More

Automation and orchestration elevate scripts from helpful to essential

By Adam Bertram 09 Feb 2018

Did you automate a server update, only to realize another script for configuration compliance has to run first? Orchestration tidies up the messy piles of automation that grow out of IT scripting. Read More

DoJ breaks up Infraud Organization with some help

By Peter Loshin 08 Feb 2018

The U.S . Department of Justice announced the shutdown of the Infraud Organization, which authorities claim is responsible for global cyberfraud losses in excess of $530 million. Read More

How the use of APIs helps spur business innovation

By Zachary Flower 01 Feb 2018

Change isn't always cheap. However, by taking an API-first approach, businesses can innovate in a safe, effective and low-cost manner. Read More

Digital epidemiology takes on the flu with help from you

By Nicole Laskowski 30 Jan 2018

John Brownstein, chief innovation officer at Boston Children's Hospital and a professor of biomedical informatics at Harvard Medical School, is a notable digital epidemiology researcher. It's a ... Read More

SAP offers extra help on HR cloud migrations

By Patrick Thibodeau 30 Jan 2018

SAP is trying to help on-premises HCM users make a case for moving to the cloud, as well as ease initial integration steps. But it may be hard for some European HR users to move. Read More

Office 365 labels help keep content under control

By Steve Goodman 25 Jan 2018

Labels in Office 365 take data governance tasks out of the users' hands through the automatic designation of policies to meet regulations or internal procedures. Read More