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IBM's cloud strategy homes in on developers

By George Lawton 06 Mar 2018

To boost its profile in IaaS, IBM's cloud strategy has shifted focus from CIOs to developers. Whether the multipronged appeal to developers will pan out remains an open question. Read More

Silicon Valley startups home in on pressing value from data

By Brian McKenna 16 Mar 2018

A slew of California-based startup and early-stage data analytics companies are promising CIOs better ways to get value from their investments in databases and analytics Read More

When will we all have a smart home?

By Francisco Maroto 11 Jan 2018

2017 was not the year of the smart home. But it is one the IoT segments that will grow fastest during 2018, says Francisco Maroto of OIES Consulting. Read More

Cryptocurrency mining consuming more electricity than Iceland’s homes

By Karl Flinders 13 Feb 2018

Cryptocurrency mining in Iceland could use more power than all the households in the country combined Read More

EE launches home broadband over 4G LTE

By Alex Scroxton 09 Feb 2018

EE has been conducting tests of a powerful 4G antenna that it claims can provide isolated rural homes with broadband speeds equivalent to full-fibre Read More

Smart home spending on the rise

By Simon Quicke 18 Jul 2017

Numbers from Context have revealed spending on smart homes should rise this year Read More

How to safely integrate smart homes with larger networks

By Patrick MeLampy 15 Dec 2017

Intelligent IP routers that are service-aware and session-stateful could have a huge impact on securely integrating smart homes with larger networks. Read More

Navigating smart home device purchases for your home

By Rob Martens 06 Jun 2017

Explore five key criteria customers should consider when it comes to making smart home device purchases, including security and device dependence. Read More

Home Office fights terrorist content online with detection tool

By Lis Evenstad 13 Feb 2018

The Home Office has partnered ASI Data Science to create a tool which automatically detects terrorist content on online platforms Read More

Habitap smart home management system connects Singapore residents

By Beth Stackpole 05 Feb 2018

Built on Greenwave Systems' Axon platform, Philip Tang's Habitap smart home management system delivers connected services, including universal controls and single-app access to luxury services. Read More