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The HTML5 vulnerabilities enterprises need to know

By Judith Myerson 14 Sep 2017

Adobe Flash's end of life is coming, but there are some HTML5 vulnerabilities enterprises should be aware of before making the switch. Expert Judith Myerson outlines the risks. Read More

Mature HTML5-based vSphere Client can't come soon enough

By Alastair Cooke 04 Dec 2017

The new HTML5-based vSphere Client promises to fix the issues that have plagued the Web Client for years, but it isn't quite ready for its moment in the sun just yet. Read More

Tip: Access HTML Files Using Edge

By Ed Tittel 02 Jun 2017

Even though the File - Open menu entry is MIA, turns out there are plenty of ways to access HTML files using Edge in Windows 10. Read More

HTML5 client VMware flings become full-fledged features

By Alastair Cooke 23 Jun 2017

Thanks to their overwhelming popularity, the HTML5-based ESXi Embedded Host Client and vSphere Client have made the transition from flings to features. Read More

Be a more technical tester with HTML, CSS and JS

By Matt Heusser 12 Dec 2016

If you're ready to boost your testing skills, why not learn more about web development? Expert Matt Heusser walks you through HTML, CSS and JS to get you started. Read More

There's something about HTML5...

By Fred Churchville 22 Jan 2016

Developers are raving about HTML5 - but why? And is it all it's cracked up to be? Read More

State of HTML5 mobile app development in the enterprise

By Alyssa Provazza 11 Oct 2016

Mobile app developers have programming options, including HTML5, but that's not the only one. There are other languages that they need to build strong web apps. Read More

Is HTML5 mobile development worthy of the hype?

11 Oct 2016

Mobile technology gets plenty of hype. Take HTML5 mobile development, for instance. People have been talking about the benefits of creating web apps with the programming language's latest edition for almost eight ... Read More

What's new with HTML5 mobile app development?

By Robert Sheldon 25 Aug 2016

HTML5 makes mobile app development easier. Updates to the language such as audio and video improvements and better integration with JavaScript make it even more appealing. Read More

Will HTML5 browsers become the new go-to VDI client?

By Brien Posey 02 Nov 2016

The future of VDI may be HTML5 clients. They allow users to access apps from just about any device, including smartphones and Google's Chromebook. Read More