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What types of VHD files does Hyper-V support?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 05 Apr 2018

Fixed VHD files, dynamic VHD files, and differential or differencing VHD files are all supported by Hyper-V. Learn more about these file types and the best use cases for each. Read More

How to list the Hyper-V virtual processors configured for VMs

By Nirmal Sharma 27 Mar 2018

To see virtual processors configured for VMs on the local host, execute a simple PowerShell command. For vCPUs configured for VMs on remote servers, a script is needed. Read More

Manually initiate the Hyper-V replication failover process

By Nirmal Sharma 20 Mar 2018

Hyper-V replication failover only requires two steps. But before you initiate failover, perform some tests to ensure the recovery point has consistent data. Read More

Preserve Hyper-V security from Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

By Rob McShinsky 14 Feb 2018

Protect Hyper-V VMs from Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities, and install patches from Microsoft. Watch out for future revisions, performance impacts and recalls. Read More

Customize a Hyper-V network adapter for security, performance

By Brien Posey 12 Feb 2018

Look beyond basic network adapter settings in Hyper-V to enable features like IPsec task offloading, DHCP guard, protected networks, port mirroring and NIC teaming, among others. Read More

Enable resource metering in Hyper-V to collect usage data

By Nirmal Sharma 13 Apr 2018

Easily monitor resource utilization for your Hyper-V VMs by first enabling the resource metering feature and then collecting data with a few PowerShell commands. Read More

Hyper-V cmdlets for daily operational tasks

By Nirmal Sharma 22 Jan 2018

With simple scripts, enable or disable VM Integration Services and Live Migration on Hyper-V hosts, reset VM replication stats, grant or revoke VM access, and optimize VHD files. Read More

Copy files from the host to a Hyper-V machine

By Nirmal Sharma 18 Jan 2018

There are many ways to copy files from the host to a Hyper-V machine, including Enhanced Session Mode and the Copy-VMFile PowerShell cmdlet. Follow these steps for each method. Read More

Create Hyper-V VMs with PowerShell, SCVMM or Hyper-V Manager

By Nirmal Sharma 18 Oct 2017

Hyper-V Manager, SCVMM and PowerShell can all be used to create a Hyper-V VM, but if you want to configure certain parameters beforehand, you need to use SCVMM. Read More

Understand how Hyper-V Storage Spaces Direct benefits VMs

By Stephen J. Bigelow 27 Mar 2018

Enhance the performance of your Hyper-V VMs by taking advantage of the Storage Spaces direct feature in Windows Server 2016 to pool storage for caching or tiered storage. Read More