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BriForum 2015 Denver - Joe Shonk - Hyper-V Over SMB 3.0, Second Edition

By Brian Madden 29 Jul 2015

Last year's Hyper-V over SMB 3.0, Second Edition Read More

SMB 3.0 brings enterprise-class storage to Hyper-V deployments

By Chris Evans 28 Nov 2013

SMB 3.0 is Microsoft’s replacement for the “chatty” CIFS file access storage protocol that offers enterprise-class storage to Hyper-V deployments Read More

FAQ: Selling Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0

By Leah Rosin 31 Jul 2012

Learn how the launch of Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0 is stirring up the hypervisor space and what solution providers need to know when selling it. Read More

Installing Hyper-V 3.0 on a test server

By Rob McShinsky 28 Feb 2012

Whether you prefer a GUI or the command line, installing and configuring Hyper-V 3.0 on a test server is a breeze. Read More

Hyper-V 3.0's virtual Fibre Channel feature explained

By Brien Posey 30 Apr 2013

Microsoft MVP Brien Posey walks users through the process of establishing virtual Fibre Channel connectivity from a virtual machine to SAN storage. Read More

The hardware requirements for testing Hyper-V 3.0

By Rob McShinsky 21 Feb 2012

Testing Hyper-V 3.0 is a no-brainer, considering the minimal hardware requirements. It will help you gain skills and experience before the release. Read More

Marks: Native dedupe in Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0

11 Mar 2013

In this Storage Decisions presentation, Howard Marks outlines how deduplication is performed in Microsoft Hyper-V 3.0. Read More

Finding virtualization cost savings with Hyper-V 3.0

By Eric Beehler 10 Jan 2013

With increasing dependence on high-performing hardware, it might be tough to find cost savings. Hyper-V and virtualization may be the answer. Read More

Network virtualization coming for Hyper-V 3.0

By Beth Pariseau 13 Oct 2011

Microsoft let drop a new tidbit of information about Hyper-V 3.0 in a blog post this week. Hyper-V Network Virtualization: Allows you to keep your own internal IP addresses when moving to the cloud ... Read More