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SAP gets dose of AI with IBM Watson

By Jim O'Donnell 03 May 2023

SAP will now integrate IBM Watson into the SAP Start digital assistant for its cloud applications. But there are questions about how much value this adds. Read More

IBM seeks bigger role in HR tech with Watson Orchestrate

By Patrick Thibodeau 07 Aug 2023

IBM Watson Orchestrate, which automates repetitive HR tasks, uses a conversational interface to manage and simplify multiple application workflows in HR. Read More

6 top predictive analytics tools for 2024

By George Lawton 08 Jan 2024

Predictive analytics tools are evolving. Enhanced with AI, easier to use and geared to both data scientists and business users, they're more business-critical than ever. Read More

Workday shows glimpse of generative AI strategy

By Patrick Thibodeau 24 Aug 2023

Workday plans to unveil its generative AI strategy next month. While details are still unknown, experts say it will likely reflect what other HCM vendors are already doing. Read More

SAP pushes business-grade AI, but customers aren't biting

By Jim O'Donnell 18 May 2023

Business-oriented AI headlined this week's SAP Sapphire, which includes new partnerships with vendors like Microsoft, but customers expressed only cursory interest. Read More

SAP AI initiatives expand on several fronts at Sapphire 2023

By David Essex 31 May 2023

TechTarget editors discuss SAP AI announcements and demos unveiled at Sapphire 2023 conferences in Orlando and Barcelona, including SAP's generative AI partnership with Microsoft. Read More

AI-powered CRM platforms compared

By Reda Chouffani, Scott Robinson 09 Nov 2022

CRM vendors can apply fundamental AI capabilities in various ways. Learn about the similarities and differences between AI functionality in the major CRM platforms. Read More

AWS partners look to GenAI, competencies, marketplace sales

By John Moore 01 Dec 2023

This week's AWS re:Invent conference was notable for AI, industry-specific offerings and accelerators, but partners also pointed to specializations and online deal-making. Read More

Infor Coleman cuts new mustard for AI

By Adrian Bridgwater 25 Sep 2018

IBM named its AI engine Watson after its first CEO, Thomas Watson. Salesforce called its play in the AI game Einstein, alter Albert, obviously. Much of SAP’s machine learning and AI is encapsulated ... Read More

Best enterprise content management software of 2024

By Geoffrey Bock 04 Jan 2024

When it comes to ECM, there are myriad vendors to consider. Delve into 10 platforms to understand their capabilities and functions before deciding. Read More