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Implementation is the execution of any idea, model, or method; in IT, it refers to the process of ...Read More

When to implement a headless CMS architecture

By Geoffrey Bock 01 Mar 2018

Do you want the shiny new CMS toy, the headless system? We break down who should jump at this new platform paradigm and take a look at vendors in the space. Read More

DLP implementation: Partner with the business for success

By Mekhala Roy 27 Feb 2018

Data loss prevention strategies help prevent unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information. For a DLP strategy to be successful, however, business-wide buy-in is required. Read More

When implementing VDI, look to storage enhancements

By Reda Chouffani 16 Feb 2018

Hospitals looking at virtual desktop infrastructure can gain an ally in improved storage capabilities. Flash storage, in particular, has proved useful when implementing VDI. Read More

Kubernetes gains momentum in big data implementation process

By Craig Stedman 21 Mar 2018

Big data vendors and users are looking to Kubernetes-managed containers to help accelerate system and application deployments and enable more flexible use of computing resources. Read More

How to avoid pitfalls when implementing microservices

By Jan Stafford 13 Nov 2017

What can go wrong when migrating to microservices? Plenty, experts say in this article about implementing microservices and its technical and cultural consequences. Read More

Five pitfalls of implementing an AI initiative in healthcare

By Reda Chouffani 16 Mar 2018

As more hospitals turn to artificial intelligence to improve patient care and daily operations, missteps like overlooking security and compliance can cause an AI project to fail. Read More

The time is ripe to implement cybersecurity automation

By Brenda L. Horrigan 05 Mar 2018

Automation is essential to keep up with the speed and potential lethality of threats now. Does automatic feel problematic? Then try to focus on security fundamentals. Read More

Yorkshire Building Society implements cloud banking platform

By Karl Flinders 05 Mar 2018

Yorkshire Building Society is using a cloud-based banking platform built on Salesforce.com to automate manual tasks Read More

Know when to implement serverless vs. containers

By Tom Nolle 27 Dec 2017

Containers save resources and reduce deploy times. So does serverless. Containers are a great host for microservices. So is serverless. But the deployment options are more different than they are alike. Read More

Three reasons to implement an NAC system

By Rob Shapland 15 Dec 2017

The growth in devices on the network has heightened the need for network access control products. This article presents scenarios where an enterprise might need an NAC system. Read More