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How to improve SAP ROI with smart licensing

By Cliff Saran 05 Mar 2018

A recent study suggested most SAP projects have a 50% chance of failure. The risk of having incorrect SAP licensing could be far higher Read More

How to improve retail sales in seven steps

By Jesse Scardina 02 Mar 2018

Retailers, especially traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, need to throw caution to the wind and follow these seven steps to spur sales and provide remarkable retail. Read More

Predictive IT analytics improves distributed application monitoring

By Brian Kirsch 20 Mar 2018

Data analysis on app performance isn't an instantaneous process, but it's worth the wait given the time it will save IT admins in problem-solving in the future. Read More

How people analytics can improve HR effectiveness

By Luke Marson 16 Mar 2018

Getting insight into your workforce can reveal everything from training issues to the reasons for turnover or missed corporate goals. Here's what you need to know. Read More

How does SAP Material Ledger improve product costing?

By Jawad Akhtar 07 Mar 2018

Implementing SAP Material Ledger in a manufacturing environment expedites the month-end financial closing process through inventory valuation at actual costs. Here's how. Read More

Why improving social media customer service is important

By Jesse Scardina 06 Mar 2018

By having a social media strategy in place, companies can quickly respond to customers' concerns through social media. Read More

AWS managed services improve performance, cost efficiency

By Tim Culverhouse 26 Feb 2018

In this book excerpt from Effective DevOps with AWS, learn how to drive performance improvements and reduce costs with data management services. Read More

Industrial cyber security improving, but needs work

By Warwick Ashford 13 Feb 2018

Cyber attacks on industrial and critical infrastructure systems are increasing in number and sophistication, but more attention is being paid to security, says Honeywell at it opens new Dubai facility Read More

How desktop virtualization vendors are improving management

By Robert Sheldon 06 Feb 2018

IT pros want to see better security and more monitoring capabilities in their virtual desktop management tools. The ultimate goal is a quality user experience, though. Read More

How does SAP Payroll Control Center improve efficiency?

By Luke Marson 31 Jan 2018

The SAP SuccessFactors payroll front end can vastly improve efficiency and accuracy. It can also save time -- and your sanity -- by eliminating crunch-time surprises. Here's how. Read More