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Transformation continuing at Insight

By Simon Quicke 01 Mar 2018

The channel player has been transforming its own business and the managed services side of the business continues to grow Read More

A Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to customer insight

23 Mar 2018

Better understanding of the customer is vital for businesses. In this 14-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at how firms adapt to new behaviours, as well as utilise deep learning to gain better insights and ... Read More

Smart video surveillance delivers actionable insights

By Christopher Bergey 13 Mar 2018

Surveillance isn't just about security any longer, says Western Digital's Chris Bergey, it's about extracting value and intelligence, making smart video a reality. Read More

Try this data science experiment for deep learning insights

By Walker Rowe 12 Mar 2018

Deep learning professionals require a specific set of skills and tools. Follow this simple example of a data science project to learn more about the technology and related careers. Read More

Artificial intelligence technologies a boon for customer insights

By Bridget Botelho 23 Jan 2018

AI can help companies shrink the gap between customer data and actionable insight by feeding intelligence into CRM, marketing automation and other operational tools. Here's how. Read More

Survey marketing leads to sales insights for outdoor association

By Albert McKeon 11 Jan 2018

After decades of catering to the needs of known customers, outdoor retailers now see the light and are targeting old and new customers with data-driven marketing and sales initiatives. Read More

Insights into buying big data analytics tools

By David Loshin 09 Jan 2018

Before purchasing big data analytics software, companies must first identify their specific needs and then evaluate how the product features address those needs. Read More

Smart manufacturing and IoT: Driving operational efficiency with real-time insights

By Erick Dean 31 Jan 2018

Insights gleaned from IoT data are changing business models, and no other sector has been impacted by the IoT transformation more than manufacturing. Read More

Russian sale hits Insight EMEA numbers

By Simon Quicke 08 Nov 2017

The sale of the Russian operation dragged down the EMEA performance for Insight in Q3 Read More

Marketing reporting software is dying, says InsightSquared CMO

By Jesse Scardina 25 Jan 2018

InsightSquared CMO discusses the importance of vendor-agnostic reporting and why marketing-only reporting software is dying. Read More