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As a noun, an interface is either:A user interface, consisting of the set of dials, knobs, operating ...Read More

Voice user interfaces coming to the enterprise

By George Lawton 12 Jan 2018

As enterprise UX becomes more critical, VUIs may usurp traditional interfaces. For now, learn from advice and experiments, such as FinancialForce's integration of Alexa. Read More

Paravirtualization interface features and functions

By Stephen J. Bigelow 05 Oct 2017

Some of the functions supported by paravirtualization include emulated motherboards, storage I/O and network communication, privileged instructions and page tables. Read More

The brain-computer interface comes of age?

By Nicole Laskowski 30 Nov 2017

Two entrepreneurs on the forefront of emerging tech describe their progress on developing a brain-computer interface for commercial use. Read More

News briefs: Mobile recruiting interfaces still painful

By Patrick Thibodeau 15 Jan 2018

The pace of HR's mobile app implementation is very slow. Upgrading HR's tech is not the biggest priority in the business. An alternative may be a recruiting site with ATS features. Read More

Interfacing with an information technology entrepreneur

By Marcus J. Ranum 01 Aug 2017

E. Kelly Fitzsimmons started with coconuts and then sold four companies. A serial entrepreneur discusses security and technology startups and why embracing failure works. Read More

Winning the voice wars: Making the human-machine interface work

By Antony Edwards 22 Feb 2018

The voice-driven world is coming. But to succeed, says TestPlant's Antony Edwards, the challenges facing the human-machine interface must be solved. Read More

Network command-line interface to remain part of the mix

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 29 Nov 2017

Bloggers explore the future of network command-line interface versus APIs, Veriflow's network verification tool and hyper-converged infrastructure performance metrics. Read More

Five years later, CLI still rules as an operational interface

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 06 Dec 2017

How long will CLI remain a dominant operational interface? That's one of the key questions network analysts are asking in this week's blog roundup. Read More

Qt Company offers 3D interface authoring system

By Adrian Bridgwater 05 Dec 2017

Open source cross-platform developer and graphic designer focused user interface specialist Qt (now known as the Qt Company) has this month come forward with Qt 3D Studio. Emanating from its ... Read More

Why voice interfaces remain challenging

By Gordon Haff 24 Jan 2017

While voice recognition is much improved and its place in IoT architectures is perceivable, it can still be hard to communicate. Read More