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The Internet, sometimes called simply "the Net," is a worldwide system of computer networks - a network ...Read More

Internet of things: A lifeline for operators

By Cees Links 13 Dec 2017

IoT represents tremendous opportunities for operators, enabling them to retain more current subscribers, attract new subscribers and provide new services. Read More

Growing pains of the internet of things

By Tim Sherwood 04 Dec 2017

While slow to take off, enterprise and industrial IoT systems will break down barriers to innovation and communication that previously existed. Read More

Facebook offers funding to secure the internet

By Warwick Ashford 23 Jan 2018

Facebook has announced that it is offering funding for research into ways of improving internet security Read More

Investing in the internet of things

By Russell Redenbaugh 17 Nov 2017

Kairos Capital Advisors' Russell Redenbaugh discusses three things successful investors must consider before investing in IoT products and companies. Read More

To serve man: The internet of things and analytics

By Jim Hunter 28 Dec 2017

Analytics is the tool for improving our IoT tools, says Greenwave Systems' Jim Hunter, it's what makes our technology better at serving us. Read More

Key aspects in securing the internet of things

By Brian Geisel 08 Dec 2017

Geisel Software's Brian Geisel explains why prioritizing security in IoT is critical for manufacturers and consumers alike. Read More

How IoT botnets affect the 'internet of money,' cryptocurrency

By James Warner 08 Feb 2018

We know botnets can wreak havoc, but what about IoT botnets? And how will they affect cryptocurrencies? Nexsoftsys's James Warner discusses. Read More

The internet of things and SharePoint deliver business benefits

By Ritesh Mehta 07 Feb 2018

Microsoft's SharePoint remains an in-demand business platform for organizations all over the world. Combined it with IoT to reap even more benefits. Read More

Lauri Love plans to use ‘internet as a force for good’

05 Feb 2018

Engineering student Lauri Love says he plans to help businesses fight cyber crime, after the court of appeal ruled that he can be tried in the UK for allegedly hacking US computer systems, rather than face ... Read More

Australia’s internet speeds limiting productivity

By Beverley Head 31 Jan 2018

Australia’s broadband networks, already among the world’s slowest, could be further strained by the emergence of virtual and augmented reality Read More