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An introduction to identity

By Gunnar Berger 11 May 2017

Do terms like SAML, tokens, and assertions cause you to dream of the days that an ID was just an Active Directory account? Me too! That’s why I wrote this post—we need to catch up or be left behind. Read More

Big data application development: An introduction to Hadoop

By Paul Korzeniowski 11 Aug 2017

Getting into the big data market? Hadoop offers a platform for dealing with very large data sets and the technology's vendors offer training and support for channel partners. Read More

An introduction to threat intelligence platforms in the enterprise

By Ed Tittel 03 Apr 2017

Expert Ed Tittel describes how threat intelligence platforms work to help in the proactive defense of enterprise networks. Read More

Introduction to automated enterprise patch management software

By Earl Follis 07 Jun 2017

Patch management software keeps enterprises better protected by automating the delivery of operating systems and application updates. See how it can help your business. Read More

Introduction to Social Media Investigation: A Hands-on Approach

27 Apr 2017

In this excerpt from chapter four of Introduction to Social Media Investigation: A Hands-on Approach, author Jennifer Golbeck discusses privacy controls on social media. Read More

Google Hire introduction shakes up job recruiting tech market

By Shaun Sutner 20 Jul 2017

Google's introduction of Hire, a SaaS job recruiting tool that works with the G Suite of office applications, promises to have a big impact on the talent acquisition tech market. Read More

An introduction to Azure N-series VMs

By Gabe Knuth 13 Oct 2016

With the pending general availability of Azure's N-series VMs, powered by NVIDIA, here's a quick introduction to get you up to speed. Read More

Introduction to Windows direct cable connection

By Chris Partsenidis 16 Sep 2016

Methods of direct cable connection have evolved. This tip explains how, as well as what each method -- including UTP crossovers and straight-through cabling -- requires. Read More

An introduction to mobile application design

By Robert Sheldon 12 Feb 2016

Mobile application design isn't always easy. An effective design keeps user experience at the forefront of the design process. Without that, an enterprise mobile app could fail. Read More