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Embedded vision in IoT

By Sachin Kurlekar 14 Feb 2018

Vision is undoubtedly one of the most important human sensing abilities. Now, the use of embedded vision is helping devices, objects and things "see," analyze and interpret. Read More

WekaIO Matrix

By Carol Sliwa 11 Feb 2018

Startup WekaIO's Matrix parallel, scale-out file software pools the fast flash storage in application servers and offloads cold data to public and private clouds. Read More

Datos IO gobbled up by Rubrik

By Dave Raffo 06 Feb 2018

Datos IO's ability to protect applications built on NoSQL databases caught the attention of Rubrik, which strives to protect all data stored on premises and in the cloud. Read More

Symbolic IO becomes Formulus Black

By Dave Raffo 21 Mar 2018

Symbolic IO has changed its name as part of “complete rebranding” months after its founder was arrested on a domestic violence charge. Symbolic IO is now called Formulus Black. The company made no ... Read More

How AI and IoT will interact

By Tim Sherwood 20 Mar 2018

To create a world of seamless exchange between people, networks, devices and applications, IoT in concert with AI is critical, says Tata Communications' Tim Sherwood. Read More

The white knights of IoT platforms

By Francisco Maroto 15 Mar 2018

Over the past few years, a number of IoT platforms have been acquired by larger companies, essentially becoming white knights to startups. OIES Consulting's Francisco Maroto discusses. Read More

How IoT is changing insurance

By María Paz Gillet Martín 09 Mar 2018

Thanks to IoT, the insurance industry is revolutionizing how it assesses risks and pricing to a model based on real-life data. Jooycar's María Paz Gillet Martín explains. Read More

Putting the IoT cart before the horse

By Rajesh Devnani 20 Feb 2018

What is the ultimate holy grail of IoT-driven business value, and can IoT platforms deliver on this value? Hitachi Consulting's Rajesh Devnani discusses. Read More

Why IoT needs startup studios

By Don DeLoach 15 Feb 2018

Startup studios are growing in popularity, and for good reason says Don DeLoach. Read as he explains how the IoT market stands to benefit from the studio model. Read More

I'm dreaming of an IoT Christmas

By Tamara Dull 19 Dec 2017

SAS Institute's Tamara Dull offers an IoT rendition of the Bing Crosby classic, "White Christmas," filled with IoT gadgets and holiday fun. Read More