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Why IPv6 networks create DNS configuration problems

By Fernando Gont 20 Feb 2018

DNS data is among the most basic and crucial information required for network connectivity, but configuring DNS recursive servers in IPv6-only networks can pose challenges. Read More

How to prepare for potential IPv6 DDoS attacks

By Michael Cobb 09 Nov 2017

Enterprises learn how to prepare for IPv6 with DDoS attack tools. Michael Cobb further addresses the inevitable attacks and what users can do. Read More

Managing first-hop router complexity with an IPv6 prefix

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 04 Jan 2018

This week, bloggers explore IPv6 prefix complexities, the reasons behind high turnover among CISOs and whether the adage 'just reboot it' holds true with advanced wireless LANs. Read More

IPv6 addresses: Security recommendations for usage

By Fernando Gont 24 Jul 2017

IPv6 addresses can be used in a number of ways that can strengthen information security. Expert Fernando Gont explains the basics of IPv6 address usage for enterprises. Read More

IPv6 addresses: Stability concerns and usage advice

By Fernando Gont 01 Aug 2017

Enterprises can deploy IPv6 addresses to improve privacy and security, but there are stability and usage considerations. Expert Fernando Gont explains what they are. Read More

How IPv6 deployment affects the security of IoT devices

By Fernando Gont 09 Oct 2017

IPv6 deployment is looming, but what does this mean for the security of IoT devices? Expert Fernando Gont explains. Read More

IPv6 update: A look at the security and privacy improvements

By Fernando Gont 13 Jun 2017

The recent IPv6 update from the IETF introduces new security and privacy recommendations. Expert Fernando Gont explains these changes and what they mean for organizations. Read More

How to use an interface identifier to check for IPv6 network updates

By Fernando Gont 27 Jun 2017

To find out if your IPv6 network has been updated to RFC 7217, you can perform a test using the interface identifier. Expert Fernando Gont explains how to do this. Read More

Putting IPv6 vulnerabilities under the microscope

By Judith Myerson 10 Aug 2016

Examining IPv6 vulnerabilities prior to deployment is crucial for enterprises. Expert Judith Myerson explains the risks of older gear, unpatched IPv6 ND flaws and other issues. Read More

Using IPv6 atomic fragments for a denial-of-service attack

By Fernando Gont 20 Mar 2017

IPv6 atomic fragments can be dangerous for enterprises. Expert Fernando Gont explains their relation to a new denial-of-service attack vector and how to mitigate the threat. Read More