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In certain computer operating systems, a job is the unit of work that a computer operator gives to the ...Read More

Infosys announces more US jobs

By Karl Flinders 15 Mar 2018

Indian supplier Infosys continues to open hubs and recruit more IT professionals in the US Read More

Nokia plans job cuts in Finland

By Eeva Haaramo 19 Feb 2018

Hundreds of IT jobs are at risk in Finland as Nokia announces plans for more cuts Read More

Forrester: The CIO's job in fostering human-machine collaboration

By Brian Holak 19 Apr 2018

According to a new Forrester report, more human-machine collaboration in the enterprise can lead to a simpler, more productive -- and more human -- workplace. IT has a special role to play. Read More

PepsiCo hires robots to interview job candidates

By Bill Goodwin 12 Apr 2018

The food and drinks multinational is using artificial intelligence software, known as Robot Vera, to phone and interview candidates as it seeks to fill vacancies for factory, sales workers and drivers in Russia Read More

Data, the cloud and its impact on the job of CIO

By Jason Sparapani 05 Apr 2018

Cloud computing has made it so easy to create data and move into and out of business, according to one tech vendor exec, it's changed the focus of the job of CIO. Read More

Build the Kubernetes home lab that's right for your job

26 Mar 2018

Kubernetes and the growing number of commercial container management tools based on it require specialized skills and experience from the application to the infrastructure. Read More

CA Technologies helps teachers learn more about future jobs

By Clare McDonald 01 Mar 2018

Technology firm CA Technologies has run its first Ambassador Academy to help teachers learn more about what skills will be needed for future jobs Read More

What are the retail jobs that don’t exist yet?

By Ben Sillitoe 26 Feb 2018

As in many industries, technology and new consumer behaviour is changing the shape of retail. But what yet-to-be-created jobs are on the horizon for the sector? Read More

Lloyds slashes more jobs and people as fintech is deployed battle of the cost bases

By Karl Flinders 18 Apr 2018

Fintech is being deployed by traditional banks as they fight to reduce their cost bases as challengers win customers at a lower cost Read More