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In a computer system, latency usually refers to any delay or waiting that causes noticeable increases of...Read More

Azure networking feature addresses latency, performance

By Trevor Jones 25 Jan 2018

An Accelerated Networking upgrade to Microsoft Azure reduces latency and improves performance for newer VMs, as Microsoft tries to keep pace with AWS. TEST Read More

Micro data centers garner macro hype and little latency

By Erica Mixon 11 Dec 2017

As Gartner stresses edge and micro data centers, IT pros explore potential use cases. But a saturated market and other concerns can make the decision to adopt a difficult one. Read More

Solid-state drive performance metrics go beyond latency, IOPS

By Robert Sheldon 01 Nov 2017

In determining performance and lifespan of an SSD, companies must consider the drive's architecture, the storage controller and write amplification in addition to IOPS and latency. Read More

Don't let network latency issues slow your VDI or DaaS roll

By Alastair Cooke 07 Sep 2017

Data can get to users faster if it is closer to them. As a result IT must keep that distance in mind when setting up a VDI or DaaS deployment. Read More

Tracking down storage latency in VMs

By Stephen J. Bigelow 05 Jul 2016

Where can storage performance or latency problems occur in virtualized systems? Read More

Lancaster University begins datacentre research to establish cloud latency causes

By Caroline Donnelly 14 Jun 2017

Researchers, in collaboration with Microsoft and others, want to stamp out data processing delays in datacentres to improve user experience and energy efficiency Read More

Arista Networks' ultralow-latency switches offer high performance

By Andrew Froehlich 24 Apr 2017

Arista network switches offer ultralow-latency performance for large data centers, cloud and high-performance computing, and high-frequency trading environments. Read More

Google opens UK datacentre region to deliver low-latency cloud connections to enterprise

By Caroline Donnelly 13 Jul 2017

Internet search giant declares its UK datacentre region open for business, and promises users improved application performance Read More

IoT predictions 2017: Revenue, data, latency issues top the list

By Sharon Shea 04 Jan 2017

Learning how to create revenue, making sense of IoT data and preventing latency are among the top themes for industry experts' IoT predictions for 2017. Read More