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In computer programming, layering is the organization of programming into separate functional components...Read More

How software-defined networking layers work with HCI

By Robert Sheldon 09 Apr 2018

The network function of a hyper-converged infrastructure has been the most difficult to virtualize, but adopting an SDN approach can make it easier for your organization. Read More

Virtualization layer is HCI's secret sauce

By Robert Sheldon 21 Feb 2018

Knowing how virtualization software turns separate hardware components into pools of shared resources will help you plan and manage an HCI implementation. Read More

Protecting the virtualization layer from emerging threats

By Rob Wright 29 Nov 2017

VMware's Tom Corn discusses the looming threats to the virtualization layer of enterprise data centers and explains why simplifying environments and security controls can help. Read More

Database automation drives DevOps into the persistence layer

By Cameron McKenzie 07 Feb 2018

A new breed of software tools is driving DevOps processes deep into the persistence layer, as database automation and continuous deployment come together. Read More

Application layer DDoS attacks increasing, Imperva data shows

By Warwick Ashford 22 Mar 2018

Distributed denial of service attacks targeting applications almost doubled in the last three months of 2017, according to Imperva Incapsula data Read More

Aryaka adds new security layers to global private network

By Jennifer English 12 Mar 2018

Through security partnerships, Aryaka's Passport platform offers six security layers to provide additional protection in case one layer becomes vulnerable. Read More

Security Think Tank: Multi-layered security key to fileless malware defence

By Simon Persin 08 Mar 2018

What should organisations do, at the very least, to ensure business computers are protected from fileless malware? Read More

Azure Backup service adds layer of data protection

By Jonathan Hassell 14 Dec 2017

For enterprise data protection needs, Microsoft's Azure Backup offering might suit organizations that need a unified approach to protect assets both on premises and in the cloud. Read More

Reap IT automation benefits in every layer of the stack

By Mike Matchett 16 Nov 2017

Automation technologies create an artificial brain for IT operations, but that won't turn skilled admins and engineers into zombies -- far from it. Read More

Application layering arrives on IT's radar

By Eddie Lockhart 25 May 2017

The promise of simplicity and the backing of big-name vendors have drawn more eyes to application layering technology. But questions swirl around performance and compatibility. Read More