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Kenyan solar supplier leans on IoT and fintech for new growth

By Alex Scroxton 14 Mar 2018

Mastercard packed its stand at Mobile World Congress with new use cases for fintech in the developing world and launched a new partnership with Kenyan solar energy supplier M-KOPA Read More

CIOs should lean on AI 'giants' for machine learning strategy

By Nicole Laskowski 17 Oct 2017

Components of AI, such as machine and deep learning, will be part and parcel of every enterprise. When devising a machine learning strategy, CIOs should think of it as the next wave of analytics. Read More

Facebook collaboration tool leans on channel partners

By Paul Korzeniowski 05 Oct 2017

Facebook Workplace, a collaboration platform targeting the enterprise, is tapping channel partners for help in deploying the system and integrating it with other applications. Read More

Lean testers bring DevOps and QA together

By Theresa Neate 04 Oct 2017

Early and continuous feedback is the engine that drives continuous delivery. DevOps and QA work hand in hand. That's why every product team must involve Lean QA testers. Read More

Huawei leaning on Exertis to reach enterprise resellers

By Simon Quicke 20 Sep 2017

An event next month organised by the vendor and its distributor is designed to recruit more enterprise partners to the fold Read More

How can production leveling help companies become lean?

By Dave Turbide 18 Jul 2017

Eliminating waste is an important principle in lean production. Here's a look at how heijunka, or production leveling, can help achieve that. Read More

Struggling with testing? Here's how to get lean QA started

By Amy Reichert 25 May 2017

Trying to identify bottlenecks in the software testing process can be challenging, but starting a lean QA effort can help. Expert Amy Reichert explains. Read More

Moving to lean QA? You need to use an idea presentation

By Amy Reichert 23 Jun 2017

Any change is hard, but moving to a lean QA organization is especially tricky. Amy Reichert continues her lean QA series with advice on implementation. Read More

How lean production systems cut the fat out of manufacturing, ERP

By Dave Turbide 30 Jan 2017

From its introduction, the lean approach has influenced manufacturing efficiency, and ERP systems have incorporated its concepts to a greater and greater degree. Here's a look at how lean and ERP have grown ... Read More

Cultivating a developer-friendly culture with Agile and Lean processes

By George Lawton 29 Dec 2016

Find out how one developer at Target convinced the suits to make the place fun and meaningful for developers by using an Agile and Lean process. Read More