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Demystifying machine learning: How do machines really learn?

By Mark Troester 30 Jan 2018

Machine learning is a hot topic nowadays. Mark Troester of Progress explains how machines learn, and how it may impact your AI and machine learning strategies. Read More

Learn YAML through a personal example

By Adam Bertram 24 Jan 2018

Some code languages take countless hours of formal training and practice. YAML strikes out in the opposite direction. To comprehend its hierarchical format, follow this coding example. Read More

The benefits of machine learning in network management

By Terry Slattery 13 Mar 2018

Enterprises and vendors alike are now undertaking machine learning deployment strategies. What are the benefits of machine learning as they relate to network analysis and management tools? Read More

Firms failing to learn from cyber attacks

By Warwick Ashford 28 Feb 2018

Organisations are failing to learn from cyber attacks, and lax security practices are leaving organisations worldwide open to damaging cyber attacks, a report reveals Read More

HR plays to win with gamification for learning

By Albert McKeon 21 Feb 2018

At some companies, corporate education has become a tool for engagement and employee experience. See how gamification is putting the 'fun' in learning fundamentals. Read More

What enterprises learn from software failure incidents

By George Lawton 02 Feb 2018

Research from Etsy and IBM suggests we are learning the wrong lessons from software failure incidents and points toward how to get it right. Read More

Deep learning is not a dramatic breakthrough

By Aaron Tan 02 Feb 2018

Despite recent advancements in deep learning, which has its roots in neuroscience, it not a dramatic breakthrough in artificial intelligence as it is sometimes portrayed. That was the key point ... Read More

How to do a machine learning platform comparison

By Ed Burns 31 Jan 2018

Experts share their top criteria for choosing the right machine learning vendor in a market that has become crowded and confusing in the last couple years. Read More

Learn Ansible basics in this video tutorial

By Stuart Burns 19 Jan 2018

Automation tools don't need to be complex to save IT operations a wealth of time and work hours. Get started on the tool with this video tutorial on the basics. Read More

With auditability, deep learning could revolutionise insurance industry

By Cliff Saran 15 Mar 2018

The likes of Google may be pushing deep learning in artificial intelligence, but it may not be the best approach for regulated industries Read More