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Demystifying machine learning: How do machines really learn?

By Mark Troester 30 Jan 2018

Machine learning is a hot topic nowadays. Mark Troester of Progress explains how machines learn, and how it may impact your AI and machine learning strategies. Read More

Learn the benefits of APM software in the enterprise

By Zachary Flower 27 Mar 2018

An APM platform monitors a company's application infrastructure, hence helping to optimize app performance, improve end-user experience and even ensure proper SLA compliance. Read More

Learn Kubernetes infrastructure in a personal lab

By Alastair Cooke 26 Mar 2018

Live servers are not the place to build up Kubernetes skills. Instead, set up a Kubernetes cluster, and start experimenting with it on a laptop in a lab. Read More

Learn YAML through a personal example

By Adam Bertram 24 Jan 2018

Some code languages take countless hours of formal training and practice. YAML strikes out in the opposite direction. To comprehend its hierarchical format, follow this coding example. Read More

The benefits of machine learning in network management

By Terry Slattery 13 Mar 2018

Enterprises and vendors alike are now undertaking machine learning deployment strategies. What are the benefits of machine learning as they relate to network analysis and management tools? Read More

Firms failing to learn from cyber attacks

By Warwick Ashford 28 Feb 2018

Organisations are failing to learn from cyber attacks, and lax security practices are leaving organisations worldwide open to damaging cyber attacks, a report reveals Read More

HR plays to win with gamification for learning

By Albert McKeon 21 Feb 2018

At some companies, corporate education has become a tool for engagement and employee experience. See how gamification is putting the 'fun' in learning fundamentals. Read More

Getting to machine learning in production takes focus

By George Lawton 19 Apr 2018

Bridging the gap between training and production is one of the biggest machine learning development hurdles enterprises face, but some are finding ways to streamline the process. Read More

Actifio backup makes the grade for digital learning provider

By Paul Crocetti 19 Apr 2018

With cyberattacks a constant threat, Actifio provides protection through a data-centric approach and an air gap. Customers can recover to a safe point in time in minutes. Read More

Enterprise machine learning and AI: Use cases and challenges

By Ben Cole 18 Apr 2018

In this handbook, learn how AI and machine learning advancements are disrupting digitized business and what CIOs can do to take advantage of the AI revolution. Read More