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How to push the PC lifecycle to its limits

By Gary Olsen 06 Apr 2018

Effectively managing PC lifecycles can lead to significant cost savings via prudent distribution of high-performance hardware and purchasing new devices only when it is critical. Read More

Secure DevOps: Inside the five lifecycle phases

20 Mar 2018

Secure DevOps and cloud computing are altering the design, build, deployment and operation of online systems. Learn more from Eric Johnson and Frank Kim of the SANS Institute. Read More

How to smartly manage APIs through their full lifecycle

By Phil Sweeney 02 Mar 2018

Even the most useful and well-designed APIs need to be managed. With the right tool, you can keep the upper hand on the API lifecycle from start to finish. Read More

Why use new lifecycle tools in API management platforms?

By Jan Stafford 02 Mar 2018

Explore how full-lifecycle API management platforms can bring discipline and maturity to enterprise API strategies and end snags in API workflows, versioning, retirement and QA. Read More

Domain 8: Security in software development lifecycle quiz

By (ISC) 2 21 Feb 2018

Understanding the ins and outs of the software development lifecycle is pivotal to passing Domain 8 of the CISSP exam. Are you ready? Find out with this practice quiz. Read More

Three PC lifecycle management options IT should consider

By Gary Olsen 07 Feb 2018

IT pros can use PCs and laptops until they stop working, or they can set up a lifecycle management plan that retires them after a certain period of time. Read More

Four challenges teams must crack in a DevOps lifecycle

By Eran Kinsbruner 13 Apr 2018

It's time to make the software development lifecycle continuous. Let's break down four challenges teams face with AI, open source and continuous testing in the DevOps lifecycle. Read More

5G service lifecycle automation may be key to business cases

By Tom Nolle 22 Mar 2018

Network operators need a 5G service lifecycle automation roadmap that leads to revenue-producing business cases to make the evolution to 5G worth the investment. Read More

Craft repeatability into container lifecycle management

By Tom Nolle 16 Aug 2017

Carefully identified states and their respective event triggers keep containers acting within set parameters and are key to lifecycle management. Read More

Komprise adds data lifecycle management, deeper analytics

By Carol Sliwa 06 Oct 2017

Storage startup updates data management software with additional policy-based data migration options, more granular analytics and GDPR-focused confinement capabilities. Read More