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SUSE serves up Linux kernel patching, live & hot

By Adrian Bridgwater 06 Feb 2018

If there’s one thing that Linux needs to aid its march onwards it is (arguably) more enterprise robustness. Actually, if there’s one thing that Linux needs for enterprise success it’s firms like ... Read More

Linux Foundation 2018 events list

By Adrian Bridgwater 27 Nov 2017

The Linux Foundation has released its entire 2018 events schedule. The nonprofit organisation insists that it maintains a mission focused on the 'creators, maintainers and practitioners' of open ... Read More

Linux distros: love, openwashing & the thousand yard stare

By Adrian Bridgwater 26 Jan 2018

The Linux operating system (OS) will turn 30 in the year 2021. We know that Linus Torvalds first penned (typed) his work plans for what turned out to be Linux on a Usenet posting as follows: "I'm ... Read More

Open source networking projects unite under Linux Foundation

By Jennifer English 26 Jan 2018

The Linux Foundation created an umbrella platform, the LF Networking Fund, to promote cross-project collaboration among open source networking projects under its wing. Read More

What Linux storage benchmarking tools are best?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 10 Jan 2018

Several tools and commands can come in handy to storage admins looking to benchmark I/O performance on Linux systems. But not all benchmarking tools are created equal. Read More

What's the best Linux distribution for Docker in your business?

By Jack Wallen 16 Oct 2017

To find the best Linux distro for Docker, compare options from Red Hat, Ubuntu, VMware and more to make a match and smoothly run containers in your enterprise. Read More

Dissect the SQL Server on Linux high availability features

By Michael Otey 26 Sep 2017

SQL Server 2017 on Linux gives IT shops greater flexibility, but there are some limitations and changes to the way high availability and failover are performed on Linux vs. Windows. Read More

Create a Linux VM with these potential limitations in mind

By Brien Posey 14 Sep 2017

When installing Linux onto a VM, there are some additional steps you should take beyond meeting the basic OS hardware requirements to ensure the desired level of support. Read More

Microsoft delivers Azure App Service on Linux

By Darryl K. Taft 08 Sep 2017

By bringing its Azure App Service, the company's fully managed cloud platform, to the Linux operating system, Microsoft is showing yet again that maybe it does love Linux. Read More

How a cloud-based Kali Linux system helps with pen testing

By Frank Siemons 15 Nov 2017

Enterprises can use a Kali Linux system in the cloud for penetration testing. Expert Frank Siemons explains how it works and some alternative methods for testing. Read More