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British & Irish Lions engage with fans via cloud platform

By Karl Flinders 19 Jun 2017

Fans of the British & Irish Lions rugby team are being offered more ways to digitally engage with the team while it is on tour in New Zealand Read More

Cisco: Cloud computing workloads to skyrocket by 2021

By Chuck Moozakis 09 Feb 2018

By 2021, Cisco says, cloud computing workloads will make up the lion's share of data center traffic as enterprises expand security, IoT and other activities in the cloud. Read More

From accountancy, to e-accountancy, to lion taming

By Adrian Bridgwater 09 Jul 2012

Electronic business has many levels. No surprise then that e-business (or e-commerce if you prefer) is served by e-accounting, which itself comprises of e-payments and (before that) e-invoicing... ... Read More

Amazon nets lion’s share of $10bn public cloud market

By Jim Mortleman 07 Feb 2014

AWS continues its unassailable domination of the sector, despite recent moves by Google, IBM and Microsoft Read More

Gear up to install OS X Lion

By Wendy Schuchart 25 Jul 2011

Massive heat waves in the South and Midwest have us scurrying for the cool, comforting glow of our monitors in the delicious air conditioning, so we've been scouring the Web and have found some ... Read More

Hamlet too violent - maybe try the Lion King next time?

By Caroline Baldwin 14 Aug 2013

The British Library's wifi network was found to have denied access to an online copy of Shakespeare's Hamlet because the text contained "violent content". A user wanted to check a line of the play ... Read More

White boxes set to shift server buying habits

By Cliff Saran 28 Feb 2017

Traditional server providers still have the lion’s share of the on-premise datacentre market, but original design manufacturers are now a major force Read More

ATTO Technology announces Mac OS X Mountain Lion support

By Andrew Burton 26 Jul 2012

ATTO Technology Inc. this week announced driver support for Mac OS X Mountain Lion for a variety of its products. Read More

Mac OS X Lion security flaws no longer a reason to delay adoption

By Robert Sheldon 30 Apr 2012

Mac OS X Lion security vulnerabilities have delayed adoption since Apple released the operating system. After some much-needed updates, is the OS finally enterprise-ready? Read More