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How machine learning streamlines location data with the Kalman filter

By Manisha Raisinghani 18 Jan 2018

LogiNext's Manisha Raisinghani explains how machine learning and the Kalman filter helped the company improve the accuracy of location data. Read More

ExtremeLocation latest addition to Extreme wireless portfolio

By Antone Gonsalves 17 Jan 2018

Extreme Networks is targeting retailers with a new set of services, called ExtremeLocation. The latest technology adds location-based customer-tracking services to the Extreme wireless portfolio. Read More

Where are my people? Using IoT to sense location

By Srinivas Bhagavatula 23 Feb 2018

IoT will drive employee productivity and improve customer interaction. Mindtree's Srinivas Bhagavatula discusses the benefits and challenges of using location sensing in the enterprise. Read More

Breaking down walls: IoT in multi-location enterprises

By Hugues Meyrath 06 Sep 2017

ServiceChannel's Hugues Meyrath says companies will increasingly turn to innovative, connected tech to unlock revenue, reduce costs and enhance the customer experience. Read More

Location-based services for the internet of things

By Michael Tennefoss 15 May 2017

By boosting the productivity of human and capital assets, IoT location-based services can drive new business opportunities. Read More

Incorporating location into the IoT experience

By Sudheer Matta 01 May 2017

As devices become smarter and more connected, it is only natural that location enters into the equation for better contextual experiences. Read More

Location + IoT: Tips and best practices for getting started

By Kipp Jones 24 Oct 2017

Skyhook's Kipp Jones offers advice on defining your requirements for location in IoT and questions to get the best technology from your location service provider. Read More

Why location is the language for logistics

By Christian Lundquist 09 Nov 2016

Manufacturing companies are increasingly relying on location-based data for logistics. The Swiss Federal Railways is one such company. Read More

Openreach adds 26 locations to G.fast roll-out

By Alex Scroxton 17 Aug 2017

Openreach has added 26 more locations to its fibre-based G.fast broadband network, bringing the total number of properties served to half a million Read More

Navigate the challenges of location-based technologies

By Sue Hildreth 11 Nov 2016

Location data is used to not only provide navigation, but also to enhance customer engagement and improve marketing. But the path to success with location technologies can have bumps. Read More