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How big of an advantage is Oracle autonomous technology?

By David Essex 25 Sep 2019

Oracle continues to spread machine learning 'autonomous' software throughout its infrastructure and application offerings. But is it as revolutionary as Oracle claims? Read More

Digital finance transformation lets CFOs shift focus to value

By David Essex 21 Nov 2018

In a podcast from the MIT Sloan CFO Summit, Ash Noah of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants explains how digital technology is helping finance to polish a value lens that guides the ... Read More

Best practices for using technology to manage new global logistics challenges faced by manufacturers

17 Nov 2011

In this podcast, logistics expert Evan Armstrong gives an overview of the technologies, strategies, and services companies can use to manage global production, shipping, and sales. Read More

Tie talent analytics to customer metrics to boost sales

By David Essex 20 Oct 2017

Echo Global Logistics uses analytics to correlate customer satisfaction with the employee experience and boost performance on both sides of the sales and service equation. Read More

Office 365 admins can evolve as platform expands

By Paul Korzeniowski 14 Aug 2017

A move to Office 365 lets IT concentrate less on technology idiosyncrasies and more on business needs. Here are some new tasks to take on, but watch out for a few challenges, too. Read More

Five scenarios where WMS technology can help your organization

By Mary E. Shacklett 30 Sep 2016

From distribution center and warehouses globalizing, to omnichannel strategies and manufacturing software integration, WMS technology solves many needs in the warehouse. Read More

Microsoft Cognitive Services brings cloud AI to the enterprise

By Kurt Marko 29 Jun 2017

Like other cloud-based offerings, Cognitive Services in Azure makes AI more accessible to the enterprise. Pricing and integration, however, can still be a challenge. Read More

Intermountain develops open source telemedicine software

By Don Fluckinger 14 May 2013

Intermountain Healthcare's telehealth chief talks about trends in care, as well as the provider's $25M open source telemedicine software project. Read More

SAS CEO Jim Goodnight: Today’s AI turbo-charged with MPP

By Brian McKenna 25 Sep 2017

SAS co-founder and CEO Jim Goodnight says the value of the vogue for artificial intelligence lies in massively parallel computing, as well as cheaper storage Read More

How to manage mobile devices: Tech investments and a feature wish list

By Christina Torode 23 Oct 2013

A CIO gives his take on the tech he needs to manage mobile devices and which MDM capabilities he believes are still half-baked. Read More