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Two Russians indicted over Dridex and Zeus malware

By Alex Scroxton 05 Dec 2019

The US Department of Justice has indicted two Russian citizens over their alleged role in the distribution of the virulent Bugat, or Dridex, and Zeus banking trojans Read More

Malware volumes decline, but risks are higher

By Alex Scroxton 22 Oct 2019

More insidious and targeted strains of malware are going after high-quality targets, rather than a large volume of targets Read More

DOJ takes action against Dridex malware group, Evil Corp

By Michael Heller 05 Dec 2019

The U.S. Justice Department indicts two alleged members of the Russian threat group behind the Dridex banking Trojan, known as Evil Corp, and offers a $5 million bounty. Read More

Pitney Bowes ‘considering options’ after malware attack

By Alex Scroxton 16 Oct 2019

Mailing and shipping services firm in recovery mode after key systems were encrypted by a malware attack Read More

Malware detection methods struggle to keep up with evolving threats

By Michael Heller 21 Oct 2019

Experts discuss the increasingly complex methods of malware detection needed when dealing with everything from low-level attackers to advanced persistent threat groups. Read More

Most mobile apps vulnerable to malware

By Warwick Ashford 20 Jun 2019

iOS and Android apps equally vulnerable to being exploited remotely by malware, report reveals Read More

Mobile banking malware surges in 2019

By Warwick Ashford 25 Jul 2019

Mobile banking malware surged in the first half of the year, email scams geared up and attacks on cloud increased, while illicit cryptocurrency miners declined, report reveals Read More

Nodersok malware campaign is infecting thousands, Microsoft warns

By Alex Scroxton 27 Sep 2019

Thousands of Windows endpoints in the US and Europe have been infected by a new fileless malware campaign in the past few weeks Read More

Global malware down but ransomware up, with UK hard hit

By Warwick Ashford 24 Jul 2019

Despite a global decrease in the volume of malware in the past year, ransomware is surging once again, and the UK is one of the worst-hit countries, a report reveals Read More

Researcher finds digital certificate fraud used to spread malware

By Michael Heller 17 Sep 2019

A new certificate fraud scheme involves a threat actor impersonating company execs to purchase certs which are then resold to those looking to spread malware. Read More