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Sweden steps up cyber defence measures

08 Jan 2018

Sweden is tightening up its cyber security defences as part of a wider national security strategy Read More

How do you measure collaboration ROI?

By Jon Arnold 29 Nov 2017

Measuring collaboration return on investment in a unified communications setting involves benchmarking employee application usage before and after deployment. Read More

Government sets out tighter security measures for IoT devices

By Alex Scroxton 06 Mar 2018

The government has announced plans to develop a new code of practice to improve the security of connected internet of things devices Read More

Relentless AI cyberattacks will require new protective measures

By Nicole Laskowski 23 Feb 2018

AI cyberattacks won't be particularly clever; instead, they'll be fast and fierce. Carnegie Mellon University's Jason Hong explains in this episode of 'Schooled in AI.' Read More

How does material intensity help measure sustainability?

By Dave Turbide 22 Nov 2017

One important foundation of sustainability is using fewer materials and less energy. Using the material intensity measure can help determine the success of those reduction efforts. Read More

Four mobile app KPIs to measure success

By Eric Klein 14 Nov 2017

Businesses use KPIs to measure performance and operational efficiency. When it comes to developing and delivering mobile apps to users, several metrics can help. Read More

Net neutrality ruling requires measured, informed CIO response

By Brian Holak 15 Dec 2017

After the net neutrality ruling, Forrester's Glenn O'Donnell has some advice for CIOs: "Don't freak out." Read More

Risk & Repeat: App store security measures falling short

By Rob Wright 15 Nov 2017

In this week's Risk & Repeat podcast, SearchSecurity editors discuss the recent discovery of a fake WhatsApp app in the Google Play Store and what that means for app store security. Read More

Dubai Road and Transport Authority pilots artificial intelligence to measure customer happiness

14 Nov 2017

Initiative is part of the UAE’s strategy to make Dubai the smartest and happiest city in the world Read More

Security Think Tank: If you are not measuring, are you really defending?

By Greg Temm 10 Oct 2017

What are the main challenges that security analytics can be used to address? Read More