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Memory is the electronic holding place for instructions and data that your computer's microprocessor can...Read More

When to use TLC NAND flash memory

By Brien Posey 31 Jan 2018

TLC NAND flash storage devices wear out quickly, and they're not as fast as MLC or SLC. But TLC devices are a good choice for tier 2 storage and read-heavy applications. Read More

The latest on emerging memory technology

By Rodney Brown 25 Oct 2017

Nonvolatile DIMMs and phase-change memory products such as 3D XPoint are the latest memory techs that storage administrators should be on the lookout for. Read More

NAND flash memory technologies evolve to support QLC

By Brien Posey 01 Mar 2018

QLC NAND pushes the storage capacity of flash devices higher, but devices can wear out more quickly than other NAND types because more data can be written to the same cell. Read More

Factors that affect NAND flash memory durability

By Robert Sheldon 23 Jan 2018

Program/erase cycles, write amplification and even garbage collection contribute to faster NAND flash wear-out. But wear leveling and bad block can help. Read More

Persistent storage-class memory to revolutionize data centers

By Jim Handy 10 Jan 2018

Since it doesn't lose data during power outages, persistent memory will revolutionize direct-attached storage in particular and the cost/performance ratio of computing overall. Read More

What’s all the fuss about in-memory databases for IoT?

By Jason Stamper 01 Mar 2018

IoT Back to Basics, chapter 4: IoT projects risk failure without careful consideration of data management processes and analytics. Their ultimate goal after all is to glean valuable information ... Read More

NOR vs. NAND flash memory: What companies need to know

By John Edwards 15 Nov 2017

NOR and NAND flash memory each suit different use cases, and companies looking at a flash memory product need to know the difference before they buy. Read More

NVMe enterprise flash storage, new memory mean change in 2018

By Carol Sliwa 22 Jan 2018

Storage executives and industry analysts predict NVMe, NVMe over Fabrics and new memory technologies will disrupt the storage industry this year and into the future. Read More

Future data center systems await memory innovation

By Robert Gates 16 Oct 2017

The search is on to replace DRAM in the future data center, one of many evolutions to come for data center hardware, one industry expert says. Read More

Toshiba memory business sale faces bumpy road

By Carol Sliwa 02 Oct 2017

Toshiba signs a $17.7 billion deal to sell its memory business to a Bain-led consortium that includes Dell and Seagate, but Western Digital's SanDisk wants to stop it. Read More