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What are some considerations for a public folders migration?

By Tom Walat 02 Feb 2018

Contemplating a move to Exchange Online? Be sure you know what you're in for when shifting on-premises features, such as public folders, into Microsoft's cloud. Read More

London remains top city for migrating tech talent

By Clare McDonald 16 Feb 2018

Despite Brexit, the UK capital is still a popular destination for technology workers migrating from both inside and outside the European Union Read More

Cloud migration planning tips: How to move data out of the cloud

By Marc Staimer 14 Feb 2018

Most people know how to move data and files to the cloud, but what happens when you decide you want your files back? Getting that data back is no easy task. Read More

Mitigating Risk in Migrating Data to the Cloud

13 Dec 2017

As organizations embrace cloud computing for primary, archival and backup storage, they are migrating more and more data to public and hybrid clouds. This means data is moving physically from one platform to ... Read More

A DevOps tutorial on migrating to microservices

29 Nov 2017

While making the switch to microservices certainly has broad appeal, is your organization ready to make the move? This guide shows DevOps pros what they can expect to encounter. Read More

SAP offers extra help on HR cloud migrations

By Patrick Thibodeau 30 Jan 2018

SAP is trying to help on-premises HCM users make a case for moving to the cloud, as well as ease initial integration steps. But it may be hard for some European HR users to move. Read More

Hybrid cloud migration starts with updating the private cloud

By Ryann Burnett 29 Jan 2018

It might seem counterintuitive, but a key part of hybrid cloud adoption is committing the time and resources to updating your private cloud. These steps will set you up for success. Read More

Migrate cloud applications back to on-premises applications

By Brian Kirsch 16 Jan 2018

In the cloud frenzy, it's easy to lose sight of what to do if the cloud doesn't work. With time, patience and cost planning, administrators can migrate applications back on premises. Read More