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In information technology (IT), migration is the process of moving from the use of one operating ...Read More

Migrate virtual machines from development to production

By Brien Posey 10 Apr 2018

Administrators must prepare carefully before moving test or development VMs to production. Check connectivity, security, compliance and licensing before beginning a migration. Read More

Brace your IT operations team for a cloud migration

By Kathleen Casey 09 Apr 2018

A cloud migration isn't as easy as some providers suggest. Use these five tips to prep your IT ops teams for the big management and support changes that lie ahead. Read More

What are some considerations for a public folders migration?

By Tom Walat 02 Feb 2018

Contemplating a move to Exchange Online? Be sure you know what you're in for when shifting on-premises features, such as public folders, into Microsoft's cloud. Read More

Migrating public folders requires extensive planning

By Neil Hobson 03 Apr 2018

Do your homework to find the right option for public folders when making a move to Exchange Online. Here are guidelines to help you navigate the requirements and limitations. Read More

Azure Migrate aims to attract VMware workloads to the cloud

By David Linthicum 30 Mar 2018

A new Azure service removes a lot of the guesswork for IT teams that want to move VMs to Microsoft's public cloud. But will a lack of early support from VMware hurt its appeal? Read More

How to navigate a Microsoft Teams migration from Skype for Business

By Katherine Finnell 27 Mar 2018

A Microsoft Teams deployment seems inevitable for Skype for Business users. Learn how to prepare your organization, whether you're in the cloud or on premises. Read More

Mind sensitive data during a hybrid cloud migration

By Alan R. Earls 27 Mar 2018

Many organizations fret over the security of sensitive data in hybrid cloud. And while that fear isn't totally irrational, there are solid options to keep your workloads safe. Read More

Four factors to consider when you migrate to Windows 10

By Eddie Lockhart 23 Mar 2018

When making the move to Windows 10, there are some important factors for IT to keep in mind, including whether to perform an in-place upgrade or a clean installation. Read More

Cloud migration: Choosing the right strategy & tools

12 Mar 2018

When it comes to cloud migration, it’s impossible to have a stand-alone cloud strategy. In this e-guide, learn how to sell the value of cloud to the C-suite, roll DevOps tools into your migration plan, and avoid ... Read More