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Nick Moore

Assistant Site Editor

Nick Moore is assistant site editor for SearchServerVirtualization and SearchVMware. He graduated with a master's degree from Emerson in 2017.Read More

Moore’s Law is running out – but don’t panic

By Daniel Robinson 06 Feb 2017

Can system performance continue to improve to cope with the burgeoning needs of datacentres Read More

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore is an IT Manager with over nine years of experience in research and development and infrastructure planning.Read More

John Moore

Site Editor

John Moore is a freelance writer specializing in business and technology.Read More

CIO interview: Neil Moore, head of ICT, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

By Mark Samuels 29 Nov 2016

Hampshire Fire and Rescue’s CIO talks about collaborating, moving to the cloud and getting staff on board with digital transformation Read More

The future of Moore's Law at 50

20 Apr 2015

In this week's Computer Weekly, Moore's Law – the seminal forecast by Intel founder Gordon Moore that oversees technology development – is 50 years old. We look at its modern relevance and future implications. IT ... Read More