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Why IoT needs startup studios

By Don DeLoach 15 Feb 2018

Startup studios are growing in popularity, and for good reason says Don DeLoach. Read as he explains how the IoT market stands to benefit from the studio model. Read More

What enterprises need to know about ransomware attacks

By Joseph Granneman 13 Feb 2018

Ransomware attacks on enterprises are often the result of a company's poor IT hygiene. Expert Joe Granneman looks at attacks like those by WannaCry and SamSam ransomware. Read More

Ransomware education still needed from the channel

By Simon Quicke 12 Feb 2018

Research from Datto reveals that SMEs across Europe are struggling to fend off cyber attacks Read More

Hedvig CEO: Who needs backups?

By Dave Raffo 07 Dec 2017

Santa Clara, Calif. -- By now, most people realize this is the age of convergence in IT – especially as it applies to storage. We have converged infrastructure mixing storage, compute and ... Read More

What CIOs need to watch out for in digital transformation

By Daniel-Zoe Jimenez 31 Jan 2018

IT head honchos will need to consider new performance indicators, adopt an embedded digital business model and build up an enterprise-wide digital platform to avoid digital deadlock Read More

What skills do Agile testers need?

By Gerie Owen 17 Jan 2018

The Agile team collaborates closely and makes a lot of changes. What does the ideal Agile tester possess in technical and people skills? Read More

Clouds can't save our oceans, we need an edge

By Will Ochandarena 20 Feb 2018

Edge computing is rapidly being recognized as a necessity for implementing several industrial IoT use cases, explains MapR Technologies' Will Ochandarena. Read More

Becoming the business partner the channel needs

20 Dec 2017

Rob Wiles, channel sales director at Unify gives some advice on how to stand out in the telco and comms market Read More

Industrial cyber security improving, but needs work

By Warwick Ashford 13 Feb 2018

Cyber attacks on industrial and critical infrastructure systems are increasing in number and sophistication, but more attention is being paid to security, says Honeywell at it opens new Dubai facility Read More

Is machine learning needed for network traffic routing?

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 09 Feb 2018

This week, bloggers assess the role of machine learning for network traffic routing, new hurdles for identity management due to the cloud and what to ask AI vendors. Read More