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MS Offers New Spectre Updates

By Ed Tittel 14 Mar 2018

As MS offers new Spectre updates through the Microsoft Update Catalog, I realize that it's going to be a long slog to get those vulnerabilities patches on all my PCs. Read More

Facebook offers funding to secure the internet

By Warwick Ashford 23 Jan 2018

Facebook has announced that it is offering funding for research into ways of improving internet security Read More

Binance bounty offered for info on attempted attack

By Michael Heller 13 Mar 2018

A failed attack led to a Binance bounty offer of $250,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the threat actors responsible for the attempted cryptocurrency theft. Read More

Communication API vendors offer serverless architecture benefits

By Tsahi Levent-Levi 05 Mar 2018

A serverless architecture benefits communication developers in several ways, including fewer maintenance tasks, automated scalability and quicker time to market. Read More

MS Offers Spectre Meltdown Updates Via Catalog

By Ed Tittel 02 Mar 2018

Is is because OEM are taking too long to pony up that MS offers Spectre Meltdown updates via catalog downloads? I don't know, but I'm glad somebody's doing something! Read More

Data backup appliance offers simplicity and efficiency

By Chris Evans 26 Feb 2018

Learn how an integrated backup appliance can help sites with scalability issues or no dedicated backup team streamline the design and implementation of their backup architecture. Read More

Cloud services offerings: Partner investments on the rise

By John Moore 23 Feb 2018

Managed service providers and other channel firms are upping their investment in cloud services but must confront the challenges of cloud profitability and revenue contribution. Read More

Converged backup and recovery strategies offer efficiency, reliability

By Paul Kirvan 19 Feb 2018

Are you confident in your backup and recovery strategy? Make sure you have locked down the speed, testing and security of both processes to recover data appropriately. Read More

Hyperledger Fabric offers path to enterprise blockchain future

By Jack Vaughan 16 Feb 2018

Blockchain arose from bitcoin, but it's looking to find a place in the enterprise. Frameworks like Hyperledger Fabric could smooth out the technology's rough side for business uses. Read More

SAP offers extra help on HR cloud migrations

By Patrick Thibodeau 30 Jan 2018

SAP is trying to help on-premises HCM users make a case for moving to the cloud, as well as ease initial integration steps. But it may be hard for some European HR users to move. Read More