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In information technology, a product or system is described as open when its workings are exposed to the...Read More

Channel open to more collaboration

By Simon Quicke 06 Feb 2018

A significant number of resellers are happy to work with other partners to make sure they avoid skill gaps and meet customer demands Read More

CW ANZ: OpenStack gains a foothold in Australia

19 Apr 2018

In this issue of CW ANZ, we look at how OpenStack has changed the way Australian enterprises operate their IT infrastructure. Also read how Australia’s Citic Pacific Mining is digging into IoT technology to track ... Read More

Driving digitisation: open standards in process automation

By Ed Harrington 10 Apr 2018

Organisations often can’t take advantage of advances in digital technology due to the lack of interoperability in their IT systems in different facilities, but open standards promise a way forward Read More

Open-office plans prompt noise-mitigation technology

By Luke O'Neill 09 Apr 2018

From noise-cancellation headsets to officewide acoustic management systems, organizations are looking to quell noisy chatter associated with open-office environments. Read More

Russian hackers target opening in Cisco switch security

By Antone Gonsalves 09 Apr 2018

Russian hackers are suspected of targeting a utility flaw to bypass Cisco switch security and penetrate enterprise networks and critical U.S. infrastructure. Read More

OpenShift on OpenStack aims to ease VM, container management

By Ryann Burnett 26 Jan 2018

In this Q&A, Red Hat's Brian Gracely discusses managing a virtual environment that has both VMs and containers and how OpenShift on OpenStack can help. Read More

Inside Red Hat’s open culture

By Aaron Tan 04 Apr 2018

The open source stalwart’s culture of transparency, openness and collaboration has been instrumental to its success as one of the world’s most successful software companies Read More

Kaspersky KLara malware hunter now open source

By Michael Heller 30 Mar 2018

Kaspersky's KLara tool has been made open source in an effort to help security professionals search related malware samples more easily and efficiently with distributed Yara rules. Read More

Amazon Transcribe opens door for speech recognition apps

By George Lawton 28 Mar 2018

Amazon's audio transcription service, Transcribe, has caught developers' eyes for a number of reasons, but make sure its early limitations don't land you in trouble. Read More

Windows Meltdown patches open up more severe issue

By Michael Heller 28 Mar 2018

A security researcher discovered the recent Windows Meltdown patches may fix the Intel flaws, but also introduced a more severe vulnerability in some versions of Windows. Read More