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Dell weighing IPO options

By Simon Quicke 05 Feb 2018

An SEC filing from the vendor reveals it is musing over the idea of returning to public ownership but it has called on partners to remain calm in the face of the speculation Read More

Explore the options in the EFSS market

By Kelly M. Stewart 06 Dec 2017

Organizations looking to boost productivity and maintain corporate data security should consider EFSS. Get to know the software and the features each vendor provides. Read More

Consider the Ethernet option for primary SD-WAN connectivity

By Zeus Kerravala 15 Feb 2018

SD-WAN connectivity offers the ability to use a variety of links. While most enterprises opt to use cable or DSL as the primary link, Ethernet could be the better option. Read More

AWS Instance Scheduler adds more automation options

By Trevor Jones 09 Feb 2018

AWS automation capabilities continue to expand, as the cloud vendor pushes customers to follow its lead to eliminate manual steps and gain efficiency. Read More

Review chatbot development options in public cloud

By George Lawton 09 Feb 2018

As users look to interact with applications via more natural language and text, chatbots become increasingly popular. And many developers turn to the public cloud to create them. Read More

Three PC lifecycle management options IT should consider

By Gary Olsen 07 Feb 2018

IT pros can use PCs and laptops until they stop working, or they can set up a lifecycle management plan that retires them after a certain period of time. Read More

Colocation vs Cloud: Weighing up the enterprise options

31 Jan 2018

In this e-guide, we’ll share case studies from companies who have gone down the colocation route, and take a look at some of the latest developments to affect this part of the wider datacentre market. Read More

EKS enters the fray of container orchestrator options

By Ofir Nachmani 29 Jan 2018

Amazon EKS relieves some of the headaches that have plagued the provider's Elastic Container Service. Here's an overview of key features and how to get started with a migration. Read More

Arrow extends learning options with virtual classroom

By Simon Quicke 18 Jan 2018

The distributor has rolled out its virtual classroom programme in the UK and across EMEA Read More

Comparing the leading big data analytics software options

By David Loshin 12 Jan 2018

This big data analytics tools comparison examines products from the leading vendors and provides insight into how you can differentiate between the various offerings. Read More