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Oracle is one of the largest vendors in the enterprise IT market and the shorthand name of its flagship ...Read More

Salesforce databases remain Oracle, for now

By Jesse Scardina 18 Jan 2018

Oracle and Salesforce executives deny reports of Salesforce moving on from Oracle infrastructure. Read More

How to use Oracle DBSAT to do a database security assessment

By Brian Peasland 20 Feb 2018

The Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool is free software that checks the security of databases. Here are the steps involved in using DBSAT to collect data and create reports. Read More

Oracle pushes automation beyond database to cloud services

By Brian McKenna 12 Feb 2018

At Cloud World New York, Oracle announced the extension of its machine learning efforts to services in its cloud platform Read More

What can the Java community expect from Oracle in 2018?

By Cameron McKenzie 05 Feb 2018

Questions remain as to how bumpy the road may be as Oracle changes the release cadence and embraces OpenJDK. Is the Java community ready for the ride? Read More

Salesforce-Oracle breakup on the horizon? Some say it's possible

By Jesse Scardina 23 Jan 2018

Whether or not Salesforce is building out its own infrastructure is the first big CRM story in 2018, but it won't be the only one. Read More

Cyber criminals exploit Oracle WebLogic flaw

By Warwick Ashford 10 Jan 2018

Researchers are urging companies to apply a security update to patch a flaw in Oracle’s WebLogic Server component that is being exploited to mine cryptocurrency Read More

Oracle touts advanced machine learning, Oracle 18c automation

By Jack Vaughan 03 Oct 2017

Advanced machine learning is set to drive Oracle Database to success in the cloud, founder Larry Ellison claims. But the upcoming Oracle 18c isn't a threat to DBA job security, he says. Read More

How to install Oracle VM Server for x86 and Oracle VM Manager

By Sander van Vugt 28 Sep 2017

With Oracle VM Manager, not only can you easily manage VMs, you can also set up server pools, define your own networking and connect to different types of storage. Read More

Oracle Cloud VP on the future of cloud computing technology

By Joel Shore 01 Dec 2017

Which cloud app development and migration path is best for your company – lift and shift, SaaS or PaaS? They are all viable choices that may be impacted by your legacy code load. Read More

Oracle Cloud data center buildup aims to enchant enterprises

By Trevor Jones 13 Feb 2018

An updated Oracle Cloud SLA becomes the first to factor in performance standards for customers -- one of several moves aimed at luring enterprises to its expanding public cloud. Read More